Best Afternoon in Shanghai

The best experience in Shanghai I can imagine looks like this:

A sunny warm afternoon (from March to April).

Walking along any of the following roads:

Fu Xing 复兴 Road (near Huai Hai Road area), or Xing Guo 兴国 Road, Wu Yuan 五原 Road, or Fen Yang 汾阳 Road.

Watch the high Platanaceae along the street,

and observe those old standalone villas.

I marked the area with nice old villas and old platanaceae on my map.



If possible, find a tea house and enjoy the sunlight.

Drama: Chang Hen Ge

I had one hour of such beautiful life this afternoon and then we went to the theatre for Wang An Yi’s drama Chang Hen Ge (a.k.a Song Of Endless Sorrow). The life of the old Shanghai appeared before me vividly and I can relation the beautiful but sad story that happened in 1940s with the old time-flushed villas that still stand in the city.

I intended to see another drama Love is Everywhere 《爱,无处不在》, but all tickets were sold out. The actor Zhang Zhang is a great guy. I enjoyed talk with him last week. When we was almost finished, he checked his watch and said: “It seems I have to be hurry. I don’t want to miss the drama tonight.” Later, I found out he is one of the actors in the drama. So I wanted to catch the last show of this drama but failed.

2 thoughts on “Best Afternoon in Shanghai

  1. You should’ve given me a call. I would’ve gotten you a ticket for the last show. It’s a shame you missed it. Maybe next time.

    Zhang Zhang

  2. Hi Zhang Zhang,

    It is too bad that I missed your show. I should have brought your name card with me when I went to ticket office. It seems by no means we can get the ticket so I invited other two friends and Wendy to see the Chang Hen Ge. During the show break, I said to my friends that I am actually interested in the play in the theatre on the other side of the wall. :-D

    I hope I am able to see your play next time.

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