A Chinese Blogger in America

I was called a Chinese Blogger in America. :-D The third installment of my audio blog in America was on air at KQED and other radio stations in U.S. Click the audio archive and click the a Chinese blogger in America (Part 3) to listen.

BTW, I have started to write on my Chinese blog. I suggested Christina not to write on two blogs, since I rarely see someone who successfully manage more than one blog. There will be a strong preference from the blogger about which one to post. Examples: Jian Shuo Wang (blog I, II), Eric (blog I, II), Isaac (blog I, II). Recently, when I read books on philosophy , art and traditional Chinese culture, it is not easy for me to translate it into English. So..

2 thoughts on “A Chinese Blogger in America

  1. I am just glad to know a Chinese can make it to one of my favorite online radio stations (the other being NPR public radio).

  2. Hi Jianguo,

    Your blog is very nice, i like it very much. Thank you for the efford.

    Next month I will fly to San Jose, first time to US. Bought roughly over 100 pieces of siliver jewellery for my aunt’s shop. At the moment I am worrying about if I can bring them with me and get through the US custom. My aunt said no problem, just tell them these are gifts. Could you please give me some advices?

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,


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