Meningitis in Shanghai

Meningitis outbreak was reported in Anhui. Based on the information I got — the radio, the newspaper, the TV, the Xinhua and China Daily, everyone is saying Shanghai is safe, and the meningitis cases are even fewer than last year. This is what I heard. I don’t feel anything in daily life that was infected. There are no rumors, no attention. Shall we claim it is safe this time? I don’t have the enough information to make the judgement yet. What I do know is, I got emails asking me about the situation about meningitis in Shanghai. International travelers have concerns now.

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  1. Meningitis mostly occur in certain age groups, including children under 6, youngsters of 16-25, and senior citizens.

    It is also necessary to find out whether the current infection is viral or bacterial type, as the risks for the different types are different.

  2. Ohh my goood, I have 38.5 deg. fever now…..

    I just got it a few hours ago in Super Brand Mall !

    (But I don’t think it is meningitis, just a flu.)

  3. If anyone has a fever, try turn and twist your neck to see if the neck is stiff, as a stiff neck is one of the symptoms of meningitis.

  4. It is reported China has banned all coverage in associate with meningitis, any news regarding the disease must be reported by Xinhua exclusively with immediate effect.


  5. Nej, der er ikke noget specielt her i Shanghai, Marianne.

    Det regner i byger og er halvkoldt, det er det hele. Kom i bare !

  6. Meningococcal disease is not that infectious – you can’t catch it from sneezes etc. It is spread by fluids, especially kissing and sharing food and drink. Might be a problem if you are all dipping your chopsticks in the same bowls this Spring Festival.

    Antibiotics are effective if taken early enough. Got to be quick though, it can go from flu-like illness to death within a few hours.

    Sorry to spoil the party!


  7. In response to Mike’s note: I am afraid antibiotics will not be effective. The prevalent meningitis cases in China are of a viral nature, and antibiotics can only fight bacteria…

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