Jinjiang (Jin Jiang) Inn at Shanghai Pudong Airport

OMG. What was my last time to post a topic related to Pudong Airport (PVG)? July 2004! I should spend more time to help travelers to this city.

Today, Sabri from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia emailed me to correct the telephone number of Jin Jiang Inn of Pudong Airport of my previous post. Here is what he/she feel about the inn.

I come across you useful site while searching for hotel near to Pudong airport. Finally I found it, Jin Jian Inn, but the tel. number. for the hotel as stated are incorrect. Anyway I managed to get the correct number as : Tel: 021-68353568, fax: 021-68853550. I hope you can update for the benefit of all.

JJ-Inn is a nice inn to stay for catching next flight out of Pudong. So near to the said airport, but difficulties is to get there. Many taxi drivers from airport just don’t want to take you there. Normal meter taxi will cost you RMB15 bur they may ask for RMB50. The hotel only provides shuttle service to Pudong airport but not airport pick-up.

Again TQ for your website which I think will help those coming to Shanghai/China a lot.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Thanks Sabri!

There are Two Hotels Near Pudong Airport

Pudong Airport is very far from the downtown, which you may already know. It is about 30 km away from the People’s Square. So there is almost nothing beside an airport and related logistic areas and two hotels.

One is Ramada. It was newly opened and the other is Jin Jiang Inn. Ramada is a four star hotel with good service/facility, and Jin Jiang Inn is just an inn offering very reasonable price. Ramada provides pickup service while Jin Jiang Inn, according to Sabri, does not provide this service. You can choose one if you just transit to a flight of the next day.

Avoid Taxi to These Hotels

Both of the hotels are within walking distance to Pudong Airport – I guess within 10 – 15 minutes. Avoid taking taxi as much as possible! It is not for the benefit of you, the passenger. It is for the taxi drivers. I just want passengers to know that all the taxi drivers in Pudong Airport have waited in the dirty parking lot for more than 3 hours before they appear before you. A typical ride is more than 80 RMB if the passenger goes to Pudong or 100 – 150 if the destination is Puxi. If you want to go to the Jin Jiang Inn, you will hurt the taxi driver badly. Although it is the reality that he has to go – if they refuse as Sabri experienced, they are subject to very high fine and other punishment if the passenger complain to the administration.

The old saying in Chinese is, “Don’t let others experience what you don’t want to”. So if you don’t have too much luggage, find an alternative – like to check with the counter for shuttles going to that area, or ask for what the airport have to help you. If you do want to taxi, I think 50 RMB for the short ride is quite reasonable for their waiting time.

14 thoughts on “Jinjiang (Jin Jiang) Inn at Shanghai Pudong Airport

  1. A taxi driver pays 500 RMB for the car for a day, no matter what lousy car or good car the company provides him.

    And it’s funny, that the niceest taxi’s ain’t necessarily driven by the best drivers !

    Before he have earned this amount, there’s no money for the driver or even for the gasoline.

    It’s not an easy job, and the Shanghai traffic doesn’t make it any easier.

    Another thing, if you use the blue transportation card, be polite and tell the driver before he goes anywhere.

  2. For some reasons, I still enjoy the ride from downtown to the Pu Dong airport, especially in the misty mornings. Becasue there aren’t much traffics when you cross the river. The quite and peaceful morning in Pu Dong reminds me the morning of downtown Shanghai 15 years ago. Nowadays, Shanghai is very very commercialize even in western standard. I do enjoy the city very much, but there are soemthing missing… That part of Pu Dong is still under the development(I cross the Lu Pu bridge), I bet it will look more like Lu Jia Zui or Pu Xi in 5 years because of the 2010 world expo. Do we really need a place where we can reflect or get away for a while in Shanghai (without leaving the city)? A place that is simple in nature and not that chaotic? Anywhere in Shanghai we can go in the next 5-10 years?

  3. Yes, go to Luchaogang, the fishing village near Donghai Bridge near Lingang in SE Pudong.

    Takes about an hour from Lujiazui.

    Go to PVG airport, turn off (heading at Nanhui) before the big bend to the airport.

    Excellent brand new expressway to that place, even not mentioned in recent maps !

    And no cars on the road. Heading for Nanhui, you will find NO signs for Nanhui on the expressway (??). Keep on driving to Luchaogang, where very few foreigners ever have been.

    If you want to continue the roundtrip at A30 to A4, just go on.

    No cars ! If you see one, take a photo please !

    (Hint : Bring a CD to keep you awake…)

    Round the expressways from A20 to A4 are 35 RMB.

    The last 4 km to A4 are not finished yet. Turn right when the signs tell you to go off the expressway.

    Have a nice trip !

  4. Luchaogang sounds like a very attractive and special place to be. Carsten, what’s the word in Chinese for that village? Anything special in that town, besides the fishing? It could be an unique weekend get away place.

  5. I guess a few hours is enough for a visit, not THAT much.

    I can’t write chinese.

    If you have a map, it’s located 15-20 km directly south of Pudong Airport.

  6. About Shanghai cab drivers, sometimes I will chat with them. I like to ask them about their job. Are they truthful? Well, at least their stories are very consistant with each other.

    Typically, two guys work one taxi on a two day rotating day-on / day-off schedule. On a working day, many drive for TWENTY hours. That’s 20 hours in Shanghai traffic. Think about that. I know I couldn’t do that every other day. Eating and relieving oneself major inconveniences for most drivers. On their day off, they spend most of the day (over 12 hours in many cases) sleeping. Not much time left for their families.

    Also, most drivers say they must work at least ten hours to break even. No wonder they push their endurance levels so far.

    So, next time your cabbie makes a mistake, is nodding off at the wheel (happened to me) or you see a cab driver “taking a leak” in semi-public, try to remember how hard most of them work for relatively modest pay.

    Shanghai cabbie: working class hero! :-)

  7. My wife and I have just spent 3 weeks cycling round Shanghai Shi, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province. We ended up in Putuo Shan and caught the overnight boat back to Shanghai – well the Wusong passenger terminal.

    We stayed at the Jin Jian Inn in Pudong on our first night and last night.

    The hotel stored our bicycle boxes during our holiday and they were very helpful and friendly. The bikes were very safe as they were stored at the back over night. The hotel is 25 minutes walk from the Pudong Ramada. We walked this and timed ourselves. The Ramada is 10 minutes walk from the terminal.

    We cycled from the airport to the Jin Jian Inn and the 4kms takes 15 minutes.

    The hotel is due north of the terminal along Qihang Avenue and on the way you pass the Rmada Hotel, Agricultural Bank, and just before the Ji Jian Inn there is what looks like a water tower with a large globe (football) on top.

    We had two evening meals at the Inn. The restuarant was busy and we found plenty of food that we liked!

    Thanks for the tip to use this hotel and also for inspiring us with your cycling stories. We cycled 960km and enjoyed it all. Thank you China!


  8. Hello

    We are planning a visit to Shanghai and I found this page very useful.

    Your insights into the taxi drivers was very interesting – in London we would think nothing of asking a taxi driver to take us on a 5 min trip.

    However the points here about conditions of the drivers and the time they have to wait for a pickup have all been food for thought.

    We try to be considerate travelers, and websites like this are great in helping us learn a little about how to conduct ourselves politely in China!

  9. First of all thank you very much for putting together useful information on Shaghai here.

    I will be visiting Shanghai during last week of Oct. I will be arriving Shanghai at around midnight. Could you please recommend a budget hotel ($ 60-100) around Pudong Airport (PGV)?

    Thanks and regards,

  10. Hello,

    I need to book a reservation in your place for a group of trainee staff coming for a Vacation from Scotland they shall be staying from 10th January and 20th January 2007. Get back to me if the dates mentioned above are free,so that we can book reservations immediately,with my credit card.


    Mr Mike Paul.

  11. going to shanghai arriving at 0005hrs at pudong airport on 20/04/11. which is the nearest hotel to the airport,and what mode of transport is safe to use?

  12. Dear Sir/madam,

    which hotel is near to shanghai new international expo center (SNIEC) from shanghai international airport pls give me information ASAP

    With Best Regards


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