United Airlines in Shanghai

Company name: United Airlines

Toll Free Phone (inside China): 800-810-8282. This toll free number works very smart. It is a Beijing based toll free number. When dialed in Shanghai, it will transfer to its Shanghai office seamlessly.

Direct phone: +86-21-33114567. (The old number, as published in the United.com and almost all the publications of United +86-21-62798009 does not work in Nov 2004).

Website: http://www.cn.united.com/

Location: Second floor of Shanghai Center, or the Ritz Carlton Portman Hotel.

After checking all the airlines, we finally choose United Airlines to fly to U.S. It is interesting that almost all flight booking system used the wizard to check flight information. They ask for a departure date and a return date, the origin and the destination and the system calculate the best route. This is convinient for most passengers, but not for me. China and American are on the two sides of the pacific. The choice to fly across the Pacific is actually very limited. It seems only very few lines connecting the two continent.



Image in courtesy of Uninted

The new office of United on the 33rd Floor of Central Plaza.

7 thoughts on “United Airlines in Shanghai

  1. just to let u know, or may be you are already aware of this is that by taking UA doesn’t necessarily mean that you will board on an UA aircraft, they could code share the flight with other airline operators from which the partner airline will provide and service and aircraft..happy flying……:)

  2. mathlete,

    “lao” in chinese not only means “old” but also is a respectful term to call somebody. jianshou deserves this term “lao” because he operates such a beautiful blog, in my view, this site should be re-named as Lao Wang’s blog :-)

    i am kidding

  3. The toll-free number is just a database. It dosn’t have a physical address. When you call that number, it is redirect to one real number by the system setting.

  4. Actually, the United Airlines office is now located in Shui On Plaza on Huai Hai. I needed to go to the office back in September to get a ticket for my baby. I went to the Portman, but they told me it had moved. I sent an email to the UAL web site asking them to update their info, but I guess they haven’t.

  5. Hi, Jian Shuo ,

    I took UA858 this summer and made some Aerial Photo. Hope you have a look.

    Have a good fly!


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