United Airlines UA858 is a symbol. It connects two important cities (Shanghai and San Fransisco) in China and the States. Millions of passengers visit U.S. via this flight. All of my previous trip to the States was via UA858. It is often the starting point of many stories. If I were an artist or novelist, I will definite create something around this flight. I didn’t see arts or literature for this flight. At least I didn’t see one in Google search.

Here are more information about this flight.


Departs at 1:45PM and arrives at 8:10AM the same day. This is the most interesting part of the trip – after many hours of travel, you go to the past because of the international day line.The trip is 6168 Miles.

Check status of UA858.

My trip on UA858

Inside UA858. (src)

Pacific morning

Wendy will also go to U.S. via this flight.

7 thoughts on “UA858 PVG – SFO

  1. Mr. Wang,

    Hope you like the flight via UA858/857.

    Personally I try to avoid flying 747 which is a 30 years old design and is too crowded when full. My favourite is 767 or 340 which is much comfortable and quite.


  2. I am always on 858 and 857 … never really thought about it before …. interesting facts about it. Although sometimes the flight attendents can be a bit crabby …

  3. Now I would rather take AA/JAL SJC-NRT-PVG and stop at Tokyo. I have pretty good experiences with JAL/ANA’s services. Plus, I can fly on a 777.

  4. UA858 will be part of history. United Airlines just opened its new flight from Shanghai to Chicago. Just take UA858 as the bridge, like the Golden Bridge to China and take UA857 as the gate to China. It runned for many years. If anyone who visited/migrated/studied in U.S. still keeps a copy of their flight tickets to U.S. I guess the tickets are very likely to be one for UA858.

  5. I think my parents and I will be flyin’ on United Airlines boeing 747 from SFO or LAX to PVG, We got our passports now.

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