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I suddenly found I didn’t take a look of my own life for quite some time when I read Wendy’s new blog entry. It is a very nice summary. Just listened to the Shanghai Radio Station Traffic Channel at 105.7 and Yangyang was broadcasting, and I found she is quite interesting to share her personal travel plan to Tibet before she went there and get back to be the host of the program after the long vacation. She mentioned about her trip in her program and I feel very nice for this kind of personal feeling. It seems she is broadcasting her blog in addition to the traditional traffic condition broadcasting. It is interesting.

Recently, I often update blog between 0:00 AM – 1:00 AM, even later. To be honest, I changed the time of these post a little bit earlier so the post still fall into the day they should belong to. There are too many things to do and I often quote the Happiness Index survey in which Shanghai is the Second Unhappiest City. I said “Want to know the reason why people in Shanghai are unhappy? Look at me!”. I was kidding. To choose to be busy is different than be chosen to be busy, and even better than having nothing to do….

Recently, I work at a customer site near Xintiandi (to be professional, I won’t disclose the name publicly, and don’t ask. :-D). I join the group to drive to Metro Station and take Metro. You can call it Park and Go. The interesting thing is, I drive from Pudong to Xujiahui Station and park my car at the underground parking lot in Metro City and then take Metro Line #1 to South Huangpi Road Station. At night, I take Metro to Xujiahui to pick up the car, along with Wendy and drive back to Pudong. Wow. I guess not many people in Shanghai will do this.

If you know a little bit idea of the map of Shanghai, you should know how crazy it is. Actually, I am driving from the east-most part of the city to the west side of the city, park it at the busiest commercial center and take Metro to another. The reason I didn’t drive to Xintiandi is, the parking fee is really high and I have decided never drive to Huangpu, and Luwan district at rush hours. It is a waste of time, gas, and good mood.

Tomorrow, I will fly to Guangzhou for training and get back on Friday.

3 thoughts on “Look into My Life

  1. I checked your route on my Shanghai map and it’s indeed crazy. But if you’re happy with that, then you just have to stick to it…unless there’s a much better and more convenient way, right? Hey, JS, happy training at Guangzhuo, btw! :-)

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