Rush Hours in Metro Line #2

Oh. Check out the rush hour of Metro Line #2:


Image in courtesy of Liuzhijian. I guess I have the permission to reproduce it here, isn’t it Zhijian?

More pictures of the Metro Line #2 can be found at Liuzhijian’s blog – Do You Take Metro to Work – Rush Hours at Metro Line #2

I also took photo of Many People in Metro.

MSN Messenger Virus

It is said there is a new MSN Messenger Virus spreading quickly in China. It will send out this file to all contacts on MSN Messenger. Be warned of this kind of virus.

Sending SMS in MSN Messenger

I also found a new MSN Messenger Addon MSNOK to send SMS (Short Message System). It is not free – 0.1 RMB per SMS. Other tools to send free SMS include Netease Popo, Yahoo! Messenger. (All Chinese site and software)

Font Changed Back

After switching to bigger font for exactly one month (proposed on Sept 10 and switched on Sept 11), I finally changed the look and feel back to its original view based on reader comments. It is nice to try new things but it is also right to roll back to the old status. In case I miss this version later, let me archive the file here:

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