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I moved into Shangri-La Beijing. At the same time, I started to miss the small hotel named Renaissance. I miss the clean swimming pool at the top of the hotel and glass roof – you can swim under the blue sky.

Shangri-La is featured with its nice service. The lady at the receiption who helped us check-in led us to the room on the 8th floor and shown us the facilities in the room. This is quite impressive. They also keep nice customer database of all my stay in the hotel.

Although this is the third or forth time I visited this hotel, I am not a Golden Circle member yet. I signed up today and get my ID 503 041029 980.

In the room, I get a nice envelop with my name “Mr. Wang Jian Shuo” on it. In it is a hand-written welcome letter signed by George Wee, the General Manager. I am certainly very delighted to get it. The last time I got mail (not email) addressed to me is in Garden Hotel, after our wedding. It was the first time I saw Wendy was addressed as Mrs. Wang. :-D That letter and this one gave me very deep impression. Small things like this takes very little effort but made great difference. Just like blogging, it is the personal connection between the GM and the guest and let the guest feel they are taken care of.

Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing

29 Zizhuyuan Road, Beijing 100089, China

Tel: (86-10) 6841 2211

Fax: (86-10) 6841 8002/3

The renovation of the old building (as the first five star hotel in Beijing) has almost completed. It quickly catch up with other new hotels in the city. It has very nice interior decoration.

What is better here in Shangri-La than Renaissance is the free wireless Internet access in guest room.

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