Shall I Open a Shanghai BBS

Whenever I meet any tough decision related to this site, I turn to my readers to help me.

I am thinking of open a BBS to offer visitors another place to raise question. Thus if anyone has any question about Shanghai, they can just create a new topic. Currently, they have to select a topic I have created and post it there, or it will be off topic comment.

I have setup a forum at, however, I didn’t kick off it yet. I know to start a forum is easy and to maintain is not. More efforts should be put into the forum to maintain it, to reply and to moderate it. So, I still not decided it yet. If I open it one day, it means I have committed it to keep it in the long run. The original PVGBBS (Pudong Airport BBS) was not a success story for me. The volume is not good. After my server migration, I didn’t move the old data to this new site yet. This is a sample of the commitment I have to make to run a BBS. Once a post is posted onto a forum, the post owner and the site owner share the ownership of the post. The site owner is expected (although not required by law) to take care of the post and to keep the URL to the post unchanged – in case there are references on other site to this entry. At least, the site owner should keep the post for reasonable long time. This is the responsibility the owner should have. did very bad recently – to lose customer’s blogs and comments and shut down the service frequently. I am very careful for the decision to run hosted service (like BBS), since I don’t want to be another example of Responsibility is yours no matter how big (like a BSP) or how small (like my BBS) you are.

P.S. 1

I am very surprised to see 37 comments on my last entry: Why I Don’t Have an English Name. Wow. A hot topic!

P.S. 2

If you see me going online, offline, online, offline, …. on MSN Messenger these days, don’t be surprised. I am in an environment where the wireless LAN is not stable. It seems to be running on a sin(x) curve. The indicator went from Low, to Very Low, to Limited or no connectivity, to No wireless network detected, and then to Limited or no connectivity, back to Very low, Low…. at a cycle of 3 minutes. So does my MSN Messenger. It automatically logon when network resumes and log off when connection lost.

P.S. 3

After several weeks in a big project, I found my planning skills greatly increased. I wasn’t able to plan things that is 3 days ahead, now I have to think about what I (and the implementation team) are doing the same day half a year later (that is 2005). Great. It is important to see progress everyday.

P.S. 4

Beijing is hot and wet these days, just like the rain season in Shanghai, if not hotter or wetter.

P.S. 5

I will move to Beijing Shangri-la Hotel from tomorrow. Byebye, Ressainanse, my favorite hotel in Beijing.

7 thoughts on “Shall I Open a Shanghai BBS

  1. @jian shuo – Hello, my friend. I’m wondering what the maintenance time will be also – I guess it depends on traffic. I’ve just started a bbs forum as part of the Shanghai Junction site (my wife and a few of her friends were asking me to)… it’s just only now gone live, so only a few members. Will see how it goes before I decide if I’ll maintain it permanently (perhaps I can hand it over to Sammi and her friends to moderate)… also looking for suggestions / recommendations for categories to add. Take care, Pete… can find the BBS here:

  2. The time to moderate is not too much, but the key is to be consistent. Be aware that to have a new BBS is just to have a new baby – once it is live, you have to take care of it every day. Three days without moderation is like don’t feed your baby for three days – the BBS may be full of spam, and when you have attention again, the BBS is already dead, and all your friends, and visitors are gone.


  3. Hi jian shuo,

    i wanner to get some foriegn friend for improving my english level ,would you tell me any suggestion?

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