Service Pause Site Migrating

Please note that I am still working to migrate the site to my new host at IPowerWeb as my reader suggested. It was not easy and I have to focus on the technical stuff – at least the domain name should work tomorrow.

The process was by no means smooth and I have complained to the QA manager of the company after I tried to send about 6 cases to them. Anyway, the QA manager was very helpful and I hope the site will get back to normal status very soon. Please also be prepared that the site may goes down for some hours tomorrow. Just keep patient during the unstable time. I am sorry that I didn’t have time on new blog entry due to the migration, although I have a lot of stories to share regarding the recent house move to Pudong.

4 thoughts on “Service Pause Site Migrating

  1. So far so good everything seems to be working fine from here. Can’t wait to read your posts on your recent move to Pudong, don’t forget some pictures.

  2. Congrats! Moving physical & virtual homes at the same time is no mean feat. :)

    Have you managed to sell your Puxi flat already?

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