How Interviews were Conducted

I received a series of photos disclosing how an interview were conducted. It seems the picture were taken in a small city. I was curious when I was in Luoyang that why everytime some major conferences or policy change, there will be some “encouraged” people expressing their happiness because of the conference or the new policy. Maybe some of the conversation were conducted this way. No description is added since it may mislead. I am not a witness of this. The order of the photos may not be in the original order.





11 thoughts on “How Interviews were Conducted

  1. The sad thing is that people (i.e. interviewees, interviewers, crew personnels)in those pictues didn’t feel anything wrong about what they were doing :-( They all seemed to be pretty OK with this way of making TV news…

  2. as a former government employee, i know clearly that is how a government worked. everything is well prepared , every step of process, since media is the throad and tongue of government(at least being regarded as so by government), and the throad and tongue is cut to meet the need of propaganda. this is a tradition of government in china.

  3. These pictures were taken in HuangShi City of Hubei province.I have seen other photos like these in sigh…

  4. it seems like in Huangshi City of Hubei Province, hehe, i am accustomed to such “drama” because of my tv-director job.

    be self-respecting, chinese news and media!

  5. I have seen this set of photos in a BBS. I felt qutie shocked that, such “made_ news still exist today.

    Shame for that TV-stations !

  6. I didn’t understand why there are so many “encouraged” street people until see this. What a shame!I feel sorry for this.I believe that’s why youth don’t like watching CCTV newsboardcast.

  7. Many things are disgusting and shocking when you find the tructh behind the glorious appearence. You have already know how Haagen-Dazs icecream produced, you know there’s Sudan-Red found in KFC’s chicken, but still a lot you dont know. So we need to think independently in order to get a get a relatively unmisleaded idea.

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