Hardship of Living without Twix


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nostaljia’s blog described her boy friend’s life in Shanghai without Twix:

He’s American, and he really likes Twix. The times I was in the United States before, I had never noticed Twix at all. He told me that you can’t buy Twix in China, so he was conserving his Twix, eating them slowly and not letting me eat any. This made me realize the hardship of living in a foreign country so I felt “sympathy” for him. I bought him a whole bunch of Twix in the U.S., and then again in France. I hope that if he really likes Twix, he can eat them to his heart’s content, hahaha!

Ops. I never heard of Twix or saw one before. This smallest detail of live educated me that a foreigner living in Shanghai is definitely not as easy as I think from a local person’s perspective. There are so many stuff that I never saw or be aware but they are essential for their life.

BTW, what is Twix? Sounds like sort of candy.

17 thoughts on “Hardship of Living without Twix

  1. Trix is a candy bar, a cookie nugget topped with caramel, and covered with chocolated. Your image depicts a Twix flavored ice cream, not the actual snack.

  2. My uncle (from Shanghai) went with his co-workers on a business trip to Egypt and they told me they ended up fighting for those “salted vegetables” (those salty brown things I can’t translate this into english) because they couldn’t get used to the Egyptian foods. Also, my uncle said when he came to the US for a brief visit they really couldn’t stand eating salads…in the end they said they were ready to “vomit”. Hehe, all those little detials indeed makes a difference.

  3. I have definitely seen Twix in Shanghai. The City Supermarket, for example, offers Twix, along with a wide assortment of other Nestle and Hershey candy bars. My husband and I also recently discovered that CS has free delivery in Shanghai (But we try our best not to abuse this…). The goods are pricey, but the selection is extensive and the service is wonderful! The hotline is 021-6267-4248.

  4. Vicky,

    City Supermarket is the only place in Shanghai that carries Twix, to my knowledge. Even the huge supermarkets like Carrefour don’t have it. City Supermarket is ridiculously expensive.

  5. If I remember right, when I was staying at the Tongji University’s foreign professional’s hotel, in the gift shop they also had Twix. I thought this was great, as I love Twix also and would stock up for the evening.

  6. I must say I was really surprised when my Canadian friend,a tough 38 yrs old something ice hockey player, open up whole pack of M&M chocolate bean and eat them all. Hoho, did you have some shortage of decent candy in North America during teeage, John? :-)

  7. Speaking of candy, something from Shanghai is definately within virtually every Chinese child’s memory, at least my gerneration, White Rabbit Candy:

    Funny that I heard from once a British young lady told me that she had lots of that since her high school boyfriend used to offer her this sweet things, hehe…

  8. City SuperMarket is great place for the imported things. It is more expensive than a regular super market, but they do have the selection of imported items not many other places do. There is one in the Portman and one somewhere on HuaiHai. They also deliver COD. Call and ask them for a COD catalog at 021-62674248 or 62150418.

  9. What I really miss during these first few months in Shanghai is Nutella (http://www.nutellausa.com/) . The 500g familly package (which I used to eat in a week) can be found for 52 RMB in Carrefour .. It’s too expensive .. although I checked it’s the right kind (because for an unknown reason this product doesn’t have the same taste in different coutries).

    Life is hard with sugar & chocolate addiction in Shanghai ..

  10. hey laurent,

    thanks for the reminder about Nutella! i am gaga over the stuff…i’ll remember to pack some before i leave for shanghai..i’m a chocolate and sugar addict too!

  11. thx alot for the tip, I am gone check out Carrefour for nutella, btw does anyone know where I can buy a good friss-bee in shanghai, I like to play it a lot but there is no store where I can buy a real good one, they are all reaLLy cheap and fragile.

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