Buying Computer Parts in Shanghai

royston‘s comment:

You mentioned that we can purchase a computer from between 3000-6000 RMB. Do you have any idea how much a flat-screen computer monitor costs in Shanghai?

Or a CRT type? Do you have any recommendation as to where i can go in Shanghai to purchase all of my computer stuff? Is there something like an area where all the computer shops have set up their business together – sorta like a cluster? Posted by: royston on February 10, 2004 11:54 AM

The best place to ask prices is on the Internet. My favorite is (Chinese site). Unfortunately, I don’t know English website for computer parts yet. Anyone has some idea?

I know a LCD monitor costs about 3000 RMB. For example, the latest Philips 150S4 is 2999 RMB, 150B = 3050 RMB and 170S = 3688, according to So you have the idea of a flat screen or CRT monitor.

The best place to purchase computer and computer parts in Xujiahui is the Metro City and the Pacific Computer Mall (Map). They are the largest market for computers in southwest area of the city.

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  3. Near People’s Square at the junction of Huangpi Nan Lu / Huaihai Lu (NE corner)

    there’s another large electronics center.

  4. Dear sir

    I am interested in buying a lap top for recording and editing music…is there a site where i can check out the prices and other details in english for the same

  5. im interesting of buying laptop is there any site i can get it and which can be ship to nigeria with the payment of credit card if there is any pls contact me with my email address.

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  7. re:Unfortunately, I don’t know English website for computer parts yet. Anyone has some idea?

    I have heard that in Silicon Valley they swear

  8. I have a new laptop availible for those interrested. It comes with an english installation of windows vista and the specifics are as following:

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  9. Hi

    I wanted to buy laptop in shanghai(English OS), please suggest the place and how i can get the prices.

  10. Dear Sir,

    I want to buy computer Accessories in shanghai or Jiaxing (need big quantity). So, please give me the right place of the computer wholesales.



  11. Where can I find genuine portable hard drive, Camera at economical price in Shanghai

  12. If computer parts are so easily available and at such cheap rates i would definitely built the computer by my self and this would be an experience. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. Dear colleague, I would like to buy computer cases, monitors, DVD-writers and other parts of computers for sell.

    May you help me to know!

  14. need locatin and address if possible phone numbers to buy cheap laptop computer in shanghai



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