Does Hotmail Work in China?

Dick asked: “As you see, I have a Hotmail email address. Is there any problem in using this account in China.”

Sure. Hotmail works in China. Althought there is a short preiod of time of block of hotmail (who knows whether it is a block or technical difficulties), it is OK most of time.

There are some very big sites that people in China cannot see. Among them are and

Update Ways to Access Hotmail May 4, 2006

Recently, I mean more than 2 years after this article was first written, some people report that they cannot access hotmail in China. I experienced the problem sometimes using other providers. Thanks for Mike in Guangzhou’s comment, if you cannot access Hotmail in China, try the following link:

It is reported to work perfectly (I can access Hotmail in Shanghai with Shanghai Telecom FTTB+LAN using the normal login at

Update Hotmail is Blocked May 10, 2006

The content of this original content is out-of-date. With so many people complaining about Hotmail problems, I think it is safe to say Hotmail is blocked in China. The reason people gather in this page is because, it is the top result in Google for Hotmail in China. Wow…

If anyone has any confirmed ways to workaround this problem, please let me know by posting comments. If someone confirmed the methods work, please also let us know, so I can promote the methods here.

Update Hotmail is Blocked May 10, 2006

I posted the workarounds I know in this article: Hotmail Blocked in China. Here is the content of the article.

It is brought to my attention that Hotmail is presently blocked in China. I can access it everyday (I don’t know why, but it just works for me.), but I saw a lot of complains on my old post: Does Hotmail Work in China?. There are 52 comments so far. Why? Because it is the first result for Hotmail China in both MSN Search and Google search.

Well. It seems I need to do a little bit homework to find ways to help people out. Here is my analysis.

The Problem

When you type or, you will receive DNS error, as if the site never existed. You may experience long waiting time, before it reports the error.

When you type in, it reports DNS error, like the screen capture. Created at 21:40 May 10, 2006 at China Telecom FTTB+LAN in Pudong, China

When you type in, it also return error, but this time, it return the default error page from China Telecom: advertisement from Yahoo! China, including Yahoo! MP3 search, and Created at 21:40 May 10, 2006 at China Telecom FTTB+LAN in Pudong, China

It seems the domain name DNS service is blocked.

The same problem happens with the Windows Live services,

When you type in, it returns this error. Created at 21:40 May 10, 2006 at China Telecom FTTB+LAN in Pudong, China

Other Impact

Since recently, MSN transformed its passport services (the familiar hotmail logon page) to When is blocked, as shown above, all Microsoft services related to authentication dies. For example, the popular MSN Spaces, a blogging service, becomes instable because it requires authentication. Other services, like is also reported to be impacted.

I chatted with my friends who may know the situation. None of them really have any suggestions, except asking me to use a proxy server.


Let me try to give several workarounds I collected. It may work now, but no garrentee it works in near future. Just let me know if any method works or stop working. At least at the time I write this article, I personally tested all the methods. They work at least for me on China Telecom FTTB+LAN home broadband in Shanghai.

Option 1: Use Mobile Version

Only the domain names are blocked. The server is live. If you have ways to access the servers without using the or domain, you have a chance. Here is a backdoor:


MSN Mobile logon interface

This interface is designed exclusively for Windows Mobile cellphones. You can login to check your emails. The interface is very simple and small – to fit into mobile – but it is better than nothing if you urgently need to check your Hotmail messages.

The reason it works is because, the link I provide will redirect you to this URL:





It does not use the or domain

Thanks for this article to share this methods with me.

Option 2: Using MSN Messenger 7.0

If you have MSN Messenger 7.0 or 7.5 (I am using 7.5) on your computer, you can simply click on the Mail icon to enter Hotmail. It is still using the old passport service, not Please make sure you are using these versions, not MSN Messenger 8.0.

Option 3: Logon to Passport First

If you feel the mobile version is not acceptable, try this.



Passport logon page

Also is not accessible, is OK. Please note the URL is https:// instead of http://.

After you enter your Hotmail username and password, you will see the MSN Account Services page. Click the hotmail link on the left top of the page, and you should be able to access hotmail.

Option 4: Direct URL

This URL works for me. But I have no idea about whether it works for you. Let me know your feedback.

Option 5: Use Outlook Express

Just configure Outlook Express to check emails from hotmail.

If you haven’t done it before, here are the steps:

Go to Start -> All Programs -> Outlook Express.

Tools -> Accounts -> Add… -> Mail

Display Name: Your real name, click Next.

Email address:, click Next.

Accept defult HTTP as server, Hotmail as provider, and click Next.

Enter your user name and password, click Next.

Click Finsih. Then click Close to close the account tab.

Then you will have all your mails in your hotmail in your mailbox.

I’d like to hear your feedback about what option worked and what didn’t. If it didn’t work, please post comments and let people know what you have tried, where are you, and which provider you use.

Good luck!

Option 5: Use Torpark.

Thanks for Amelia’s recommendation. Download Torpark may solve the problem. (I didn’t verify it yet).

94 thoughts on “Does Hotmail Work in China?

  1. Hi Jianshuo,

    Over de past few weeks I have been in touch with Ben Edelman who has been running the filter program in the past: the interface does not work well anymore at this stage and Ben has left Harvard recently.

    There has been some discussion on the block of blogspot during the last holidays, as in some regions people could access it without proxy. That is over now. For more info you can look at my blog at (you do need a proxy now).


  2. I was in China from March to July this year, and could not access my hotmail account in internet cafes in Chengdu and Chongqing after mid-April. In some rural areas I could still access it. I also could not log on to my university website, or view my banking. Has there been some changes in China in regards to using hotmail?

  3. Interesting — I’ve never had a problem accessing Hotmail in China. Yahoo and Gmail, I have problems 50% of the time or worse, lately. I usually am in Shanghai, at various locations.

    On another note, for some reason, my Hotmail account refuses to read Chinese characters, even on machines that use a Chinese character platform. I can read Chinese characters on everything else besides Hotmail. I contacted their support, they always send back a canned response “install the characters” … no help, I’ve done that. Anyone have a clue what I can do?

  4. I do not know why cannot be viewed directly from China. Does anyone know the reason? I think people can go through other approaches viewing those websites that can be searched on Google but cannot be viewed.

    Lu Heli

  5. Hi, i don’t have problems accessing hotmail in shanghai, in fact it’s more rtouble free than yahoo or gmail. problem is just the free space, 2mb is too small :)

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  8. so…from what I’ve read in this forum If I’m in Shanghai I can access hotmail but not always (or never?) gmail, right? I’m a bit worried, since I’m leaving for Shanghai next week and I’ll be really needing to check my mail. What should I do? Thanx so much guys- These articles are very useful by the way! ;-)

  9. I also have a big poblem accessing my hotmail Email account, and connecting to MSN and Skype, for almost two days now.

  10. Lately (last two days) hard to access Hotmail. Is it just me? Doesn’t seem to have any problems when accessing from work…strange. Anyone has any comments on this..?

  11. I have been trying to contact a good friend of mine in China “……” Is there anything wrong with this: ??? because

    the msg for the server is ….”This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to

    connect successfully to the destination mail server….” OR …”This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. THIS IS A WARNING MESSAGE ONLY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESEND YOUR MESSAGE. Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed…..”

    But my friend never got my mails!!! What is the problem?

  12. I have been trying to contact a good friend of mine in China “……” Is there anything wrong with this: ??? because

    the msg for the server is ….”This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to

    connect successfully to the destination mail server….” OR …”This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. THIS IS A WARNING MESSAGE ONLY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESEND YOUR MESSAGE. Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed…..”

    But my friend never got my mails!!! What is the problem?

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  14. I am having lots of problems with hotmail in China. I am now based in Shanghai and most of the time I cannot open my emails. No problem with the messenger but with my emails. Yahoo is working well, though. Don’t know what’s the problem with hotmail.

  15. QQ make me suck, as well I do not like hotmail. They give Chinese 2M, but give American 256M. mini skirt

  16. Never had a problem getting into hotmail (Zhoushan Island, Zhejiang Province) for the last 8 months, until the last 24 hours. Thats why Im looking at these messages.

  17. never had a problem with hotmail either until this week.

    I’m in Guangzhou.

    Any ideas as to why the recent and total problem with Hotmail (I’ve now checked from a number of computers and IPs and nothing fixes the problem.)

    Are others experiencing the same?

  18. Me too, Ben. I’m in Huizhou, Guangdong and since Sunday night (the 30th) I haven’t been able to get into hotmail either!!

  19. And just like that, I’ve got hotmail back. Great! I hope the same for all of you.

  20. i’m in beijing and i have no access to hotmail!

    it’s frustrating, gmail and yahoo work well though…


  21. Don’t worry. I believe it is temperaily. Sometimes it goes wrong, but most of the time, it is OK. Let us know if you still encounter the problem after several weeks. Then post your network configuration. (Go to Start -> Run -> Cmd -> Ipconfig /all. Post the result of the command line here)

  22. I have had Hotmail usually go down at New Year and Golden Week, for example when there is onviously high activity and only the fastest servers and computers can sneak in. My AOL account from the USA works perfect – I live in Tianhe, Guangzhou and I believe it is just another “everybody’s on” Hotmail glitch.

  23. Me again, but one thing for everyone to reflect on… a Country that protects the few and levies no penalty for the actions of those few…consider what Baidu would do to leverage market share. They would block Google or Hotmail as their puny attempt to make people swing into their web of weak site use and go away for the Holiday. Until Beijing wakes up and really cracks down on those sickies we shall have to endure their weaknesses……nuff said.

  24. I have had increasing problems to access hotmail, first through IE and now Firefox. Page comes up “cannot be displayed” and cannot connect. Started about a week ago. Tried Opera,same thing. No problems accessing my other email addresses. Friend in Australia accessed my account without any problems from there so it seems to relate only to China. Tried dumping cookies,histories etc. but all to no avail. Even went through a proxy server and got nothing. Haven’t heard from some of my friends for a while so suspect they are having the same problems. Anyone know anything about this? Interesting comment Michael, but my problems started way before the golden week period. There are news reports about yahoo being subjected to pressure for account information and maybe this is an attempt to elicit a positive response from hotmail? Not my idea but something that was suggested on a site dealing with privacy issues.

  25. Hi Howard, just remember where we are….This beautiful country is steeped in history and beauty, with mahnificent traditions of the past. That has proven a weakness for China and the new generations are trying to take whatever they can as fast as they can at any expense. No world power here, as they are too busy trying to put the screws to everyone and get rich quick. The women are smarter than the men in this society and the men refuse to give way. Sooooooo, what do they do ? Childish pranks and nonsense that hurt a lot of people. All we can do, as we have in the past, is wait until someone “discovers” the cause and remedies the problem. I keep web addresses in three sites for problems, as I do like to communicate outside to relatives and friends. Treasure what is here for what it is and retain the patience to endure that which cannot be changed…..

  26. Thanks Michael for the quick input.I agree with your thoughts on the women although it applies world wide I think.Maybe they can fix the problem? I love this country although it is not my own.However that doesn’t mean I cannot be upset when “someone” interfers with my peaceful,legal,enjoyment of being in contact with my friends through whatever medium I so chose.Discovering those responsible for these actions and exposing their behaviours is only one way to partially bring these people to account for their actions. “Patience to endure that which cannot be changed….” is not about getting things fixed though is it? Otherwise the squeaky wheel will never get any oil. Or is this all about just talk? Which I say, is all I want to do with my friends anyway!!

  27. I’m in Shanghai – day 3 without access to hotmail – can’t get to the sign-in screen. My friends who have subscriptions with MSN can sign on from their home computers, but not through the web interface. I can access my hotmail account at a wifi hotspot with my PDA with whatever software my Dell Axim uses. Got a generic response from hotmail support today saying that my PC’s browser is probably corrupted. They sent me a list of 10 things I already tried which didn’t work. So, yes, probably it’s Baidu or some pranksters, and I think the women of the world should hurry up and fix it.

  28. Thank you Mike and Jim…..your input has given me back my Hotmail. The log in from Mike keyed perfectly. It appears that Bill Gates is exerting influence and flexing internet muscle for a show of force towards the 5 rmb copies of his op systems…… Makes a point, but what about the countless Americans living here who pay the price ?

  29. Thanks for the tip , Mike. It at least got me to the Log In page, occasionally, but once I hit “sign in” the same problem occurs.Used both IE and Firefox,the same. I too got the same message from hotmail’s lack of support and I had already done all they said. Networking status is fine and working according to them. Even re-loaded XP in the hope of an improvement but no luck. Tried an internet cafe but they are getting the same responses. Caught a friend on messenger and they are in Xi’an and having the same problem so it’s widespread. Got up in the middle of the night a few times just to see if it was a traffic issue, same response again. Will try your tip again later Mike, thanks to all.

  30. Mike’s login link worked for me in Shanghai, too. Thanks! (Wow, 5 rmb for a copy of Windows? I think I’m getting ripped off. My software source has the guts to charge me almost 20 yuan per CD!)

  31. Big problem on my Hotmail inbox. I’m in Tianjin, the member of Windows Live Mail and Live Messenger 8.0 beta. From the end of April 2006, I usually can not enter into my Hotmail box, but my Live Messenger always work very well. I’m so urgent due to my job is International Business and my foreign clients always keep a touch with me by Hotmail and MSN Messenger. I can see the new emails from foreign be sent to my Hotmail and my messenger always shows “You have a new e-mail from xxx”. I am crazy abt this and pls kindly help me. The highest appreciated for yours.

    Pls do not hesitate to inform me by yanghuaitao[a]

  32. Hi Towers, Yes it’s a real problem which many are experiencing.Try the Log in info that Mike from Guangzhou suggested. It got me to the Log in page but no further. Others did have more luck it seems.Otherwise if you have a friend overseas get them to log in to your hotmail and redirect your mail to your gmail account as I have had to do. I did have access for a few days but it has gone down again. No one seems to know who,what or why this is happening. Good luck.

  33. This is really annoying now i cant access my email for a week. I tried using my proxy in trinity college and no luck even tor wont work! So im not entirely sure its the chinese firewall or a microsoft problem. I emailed microsoft just now and wait for there responce (probably none). Its really frustrating the internet on campus here in beihang wont allow chinese to access ANY foreign websites which i dont think is a very productive in the sense of education. So i had to buy a 201 modem before and it worked mostly untill this week. Usually the firewall has periods of overdrive where it blocks everything but these usually only last a few hours but this is quite annoying!

    Mikes link doesnt work (isnt that the link that points to anyway?). Set up outlook express and it seems to work for me. this is quite strange. hahahah man i was just pinging hotmail to get there ip and then use that and it just started working again lol guess they sensed my anger

  34. Blooming heck, this hotmail saga in PRC goes on and on – totally unreliable and a complete pain. Not something that is needed for a communication system. Very, very angry!

  35. I am in the Hotmail hell in China as well, but live near the Hong Kong boarder. Hotmail works fine in Hong Kong………… but once you cross the boarder it is no good. Friends of mine who have the not converted to the Windows Live Mail can access Hotmail through their messenger……… DAM I knew I should not have converted!

  36. I can’t access hotmail at all, the prospect of losing contact with all my friends back home is NOT appealing, tried the ‘magic’ link but that doesn’t seem to work either. I’m in Beijing. Help!

  37. It seems if you can ever access Hotmail once, it will work the next time. seems to be blocked for some time.

    Anyone has any more tricks to solve this problem?

  38. Well, it looks like they are just trying to hurt everyone now. It seems that Bill Gates gave his staff some “strongarm directives” in protest to the Chinese computer makers not paying license fees. The insiders at Microsoft say that this is a Microsoft thing and a show of force that they can cripple anyone at their will. This is not a rumor, as friends in Seattle have passed this info to me. How many out there have genuine registered copies of Windows ? Also, how many of those are for sure complying with the end user (1 person or multiple purchased) stipulations….. That one comes home to roost in a big way. He is within his rights to make a move like that, as most IP addresses are linked to op system key in numbers. This may not end…….

  39. Bill gates sucks! Bet he couldnt decide to block the whole of Ireland or England because some people dont have registered copies there would be a big outcry form consumers. Is he not rich enough to let people check their mail for free? You can open a hotmail account running linux as windows sucks so why would he block hotmail now? Just to note that outlook is still working so perhaps i reccoment setting it up and see what happens. That link seems to work sometimes kinda dodgy im not too sure on this but if you login with outlook then try to log in using that link it seems to work, (might be just a coincidence. Ill never buy microsoft software again it just sucks.

  40. Boy, I agree on the Microsoft. New age, I guess…..Apple, here I come and back to my old faithful aol that I have paid for for 10+ years. The Chinese Government doen’t seem to mess with aol anymore – it sure did in 2002-2003. My stateside communication is worth $20 USD per month…..

  41. Hi Everyone….

    I have been reading all of you comments and have been in the same boat. For two weeks have only had one days access. I am in Guangdong Province. BUT…I have a solution. Go to google, type in Torpark and download it. It is a small file. Extract it and use the exe. file. It will open up a window and you can use this to get into you hotmail. This may take a couple of goes as it did me but I finally got in. I had the Beta version which I just opted out of…now I can open my hotmail from my messenger. I think this should work. I also sent an email to hotmail complaining and now that I just accessed my hotmail it said that this issue is only in China and they are “attempting to fix as soon as possible blah blah” I love my hotmail and have had it so long so it would be a great pain to change now. I am giving them another chance as it is ok for now but I advise everyone to not sign up for the Beta version for now. Fingers crossed this fixes all of you problems. Good Luck!

  42. I am out here in Yunnan and have not had Hotmail working for 5 days now. I’ve contacted friends in the area, and they are having the same problem! Does anyone know what the h… is going on?

  43. Hi Larry,

    Read the posts and you will have some idea. Hotmail are admitting that there is no access to any website that uses the Net Passport Log in…whose fault it is has not really been determined. Read my previous post and this might help your situation. I did it for me and my partner and now we can get into hotmail through messenger…hope it helps.

  44. To Mike in Guangzhou… Thanks for the tip!!!

    It worked for me in Shanghai. You are a life saver.

    Xie-Xie, CJ

  45. Hi Aaron,

    I am glad it worked for you. I think the problem is that a lot of you have the Beta version of hotmail and you can’t even get in there to change it back to the original. Using Torpark will allow you to get in, then you can change it back….Then you can use any messenger to get into your hotmail. I am using the Beta Version of messenger and have no problems. It is really worth using as it is quite a quick fix…Good Luck!

  46. Hello! thanks very much, hadn’t been able to access my hotmail account since sunday, may 7th. the mobile msn link worked, as did the outlook connection. the others didn’t work for me (I live in Shanghai). thanks again, your web site saved me!!!

  47. Hi,

    I, have been experiencing tough problems with Hotmail for a few weeks now and I would like to thank you for the first link you sent and the advice, at least I could send emails to my friends! Although I will be switching to another provider, because this is too risky, not knowing if you will be able to send emails or not when you really need it. Xie xie! (I live in China)

  48. I am currently travelling in China and have had problems accessing hotmail everywhere but Shanghai. I have tried all of the above (thanks very much for your indepth help) and the only one that works is importing all of the hotmail emails into Outlook. Again thanks very much. This is working like a charm.

  49. Thank you once more for the best ever “help” site on the internet. I was able to retrieve web addresses and inform all email friends and business contacts that I have switched to aol. Your links worked perfectly for the retrieval. As for hotmail – Microsoft can suck eggs – never again.

  50. xie xie you saved my life i am residing in chengdu and for 2 weeks unable to log on to hot mail with your back door site i could log on straight away .i am now dumping hotmail and going onto g mail.

    thank you once again gordon markendale

  51. It seems this time, the hotmail block effectively drove many users to gmail, just like years ago, Google ban drove all users to But what will people do when is blocked one day?

  52. Michael, I saw a lot of people complaining about Microsoft, and switched from Hotmail to AOL, to GMail… I just want everyone to understand it is not Microsoft’s fault. Their domain name was banned inside China. Google was also banned for a long time, till now.

    Disclaimer: I worked for Microsoft before.

  53. Thanks to everyone for their feedback on this problem as it did help to know that I wasn’t going mad but did actually have a problem !! My Hotmail and messenger are now working !!! Who knows how long for though? As to who and why this happened, we , as the little folk will no doubt be treated as mushrooms (kept in the dark and feed manure), while the real culprits will not be exposed for their malicious actions. As a point of interest only, I read some weeks ago that someone in the govenment agencies was reported to have said a worm or some such thing, had been discovered and was going to infect windows computers in about a weeks time. Maybe he had a crystal ball ? There are lots of theories going aound such as Microsoft punishing people for illegal copies and competing companies sabotaging each others servers. Sifting through the information may reveal some of what has happened here. Why hasn’t any of this been reported in the various medias, or have I missed it?

  54. Hello Howard and many others,

    I believe that the more noise we make, the stronger the baddies become. Let’s just thank God for some intervention that has brought some use of communication back to the few. We are the lucky and chosen ones, as we do communicate, and that is a skill as well as a gift. The Beta Hotmail is up and running, aol has slowed down considerably, etc. Someone out there is really SICK and we should keep quiet for him or them to just go away from frustration.

    This is probably a result of the Chinese government control and Microsoft control hitting us at the same time – who cares, as long as we can go forward. So long as the few can communicate with the few, there is hope……

  55. I’m in Beijing and having problems. Worked fine yesterday but nothing today. The mobile link worked but all the rest are still no hopers. I’ll try again over next few days…

  56. Also in Beijing and managed to access only 2 days last week. Since then, hotmail and msn are again both dead..Would anybody have a tip as to how msn could be accessed via a different channel ?

    Many thanks

  57. I’m living in Shanghai, I have no hat problems until yesterday!!!!! I’m a civic European, I don’t understand like theycan make this, it’s incredible, indecent and ilegal.!!!!!

    It’s my personal, private mail, I don’t understand this operation, we have to make some thnig.

    I need my HOTMAIL, help!!!!!! I’m from Barcelona (Catalunaya, Spain); LUCK TO ALL!!!

  58. Jo tambe soc catalana……. Que fort tot aixo!!!!!….. Abans ens feis por Deu nostre Senyor, i ara, els senyors que es creuen Deu.

    Tot, el que es pugui dir es poc….. Quina PUTA MERDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    Sort a tots i el que ho solucioni, que avisi.

  59. I greatly appreciate, as we all should, whoever helped create this site. You have saved me from masturbation, as i can now log in to hotmail once again and look at my girlfriend’s naked pictures she sent me since i cant seem to get any Chinese vagina.

  60. Message for JOE: Grow up, Joe, you aren’t witty nor clever – you just come across as a childish imbecile; furthermore, you are doing absolutely nothing for our cause but providing ammunition for the enemy… whoever, the enemy or censors are – they can use the argement that hotmail is being used in PRC for merely western decadence, corrupting the purity of the Chinese youth, etc, ad nauseam.

    We want to come across as serious, mature and reliable users of the web, not desparadoes looking for stimulus or quick thrills.

    Some of us are reliant upon hotmail for communication with our families back home – this is a serious business, mate!

    Please think in future, Joe, and if you cannot think of anything constructive to say then keep quiet. Thanks.

  61. Nicely put Phil. You have reflected the thoughts of many. The original intention and thought behind the internet was effective and precise communication. China is a beautiful and peaceful place to live – why ruin it with talk and actions that reflect sickness. Be careful what you say about western decadence – – – – first live in the West and enjoy the goodness there – the perversion is a minor faction, as it is all over the World.. I am an American through and through, but my heart is in China where I have been for 11 years enjoying the open happy attitude and beauty here.

  62. Hey Phil, lick my sweaty nutsack! If you are so serious about life, which you dont seem to know much about with the assumptions you make, then killing yourself might be a good option. You either get no joy out of life, or you just fiddle around the internet all day with nothing better to do with your precious existence. Either way, why are you replying to someone who is so childish if you have more important things to do? I live in Shanghai, if you want to deal with me tell me and we can meet face to face.

    Again, thanks – in whatever way necessary – to Wang Jian Shuo for this website.

  63. Great reply Phil, clearly some people would like to see more then hotmail blocked because the stupid laowai can’t behave themselves civilized enough. As to your reply on saving you from masturbation… what is it that you would do with your gf’s pictures then Joe? Are they so ugly you don’t have the need for masturbation anymore? Anyway… grow up thats the main message… Think before you speak and for sure dont be so stupid to even make your reply look like you don’t know what you talk about, I know we have a bad reputation all across the world for chasing our manhoods… well you just gave them another reason to block you from accessing your hotmail for whatever reason you wanna get in there. (but by now everyone knows that it’s Microsoft redirecting the Chinese hotmail user to a . instead of the inbox, it has nothing to do with the ISP but as soon as Hotmail gets a trace of a Chinese ip it blocks your access to your hotmail by redirecting you to a -> . maybe 1 tip would be stop pissing off the world and lowering your Windows Systems so everyone could afford to buy one. Who would want to buy a Windows for 3000 RMB and Office for another 3000 RMB while the PC it runs on would cost half the price… This stinks and you know it… You can make millions off business solutions… let the world enjoy a cheaper Windows and we would already be more prepared (and have the mood) to buy more Microsoft solutions off the official market.

  64. Hi Everyone…

    I am not going to get into the little argument going on here, I just want to remind you of the tip that I have given but no one seems to be reading….Go to google, download a free small program called Torpark. You just download unzip and click on the .exe file. You can put this on a USB disk and take it to the internet cafe or anywhere when you access your hotmail. What it does is block your ip address so they can’t detect where you are coming from. (Seeing as hotmail is blocked in China) I used this program to change my live beta hotmail back to the old one and now I can access hotmail through messenger but if you don’t have messenger or want to access it through you can just load this program anytime anywhere and it will work. I hope this helps people as it seems like everyone is still having problems. I was going crazy not having access for a week a couple of weeks ago and I really feel sorry for those who still have problems. I hope this helps anyway, if you have any problems just leave a message. Actually here is the link for torpark while I think of it:

    Good Luck…

  65. Attention Joe: [SUPPRESSED SNIGGERS UNTIL ALMOST BLUE IN THE FACE] That’s logical, Joe, defend yourself against accusations of blatant childishness by playing the hard man on the internet – cyber warrior…oooooooh, frightening, I’ll certainly sleep with one eye open tonight.

    Can you not hear the resounding laughter at you? Actually, Joe, you’re okay in my eyes, obviously, you’re not an adult that is actually living in China [even the worst language school cannot be so desperate]. I see your problem, Joe, I feel your pain -you’re just an adolescent playing around on the computer – still titillated by images of female curves on the internet but being shunned by them in real life. Don’t worry, Joe, my old chap, it’s just a phase you’re going through – one day you’ll go to college, one day you’ll not blush and stammer if a gal so much as looks your way, yes, one sweet day, the world will open up for you. Until then please don’t come on grown up sites like these or mommy and daddy will get real sore at you. Atta boy!

  66. To Amelia :

    i tried ‘Torpark’, but it still doesn’t work ! I’m getting crazy…

    I need HOTMAIL… the only link that works is “the mobile thing…”

    But that’s not good enough. Outlook is not free… So I can not use it.

    MSN is allso not working!!

    Help me

  67. Hi Mikee,

    Firstly, can you at least download the program? When you download it, double click on the icon and select run, then choose a folder where you want to extract it to. When done you should have a folder saying english (if you downloaded the english version) open it. Then open the folder torpark. There should be 5 folders and then an icon named Torpark. Click on the icon and wait. If it disappears and doesn’t bring up an internet window, click on it again until you get the window. At first you probably have to click on it at least twice. When you get the internet window you should be able to access any site, including or whatever way you use to get into hotmail. If you have the new beta live version of hotmail I suggest you revert back to the old hotmail – you should then be able to get in via messenger (the old or beta version) If you don’t use messenger then you can use torpark every time to get into your hotmail. It might be a little slow at first, depending on the computer but I am positive it should work. This can be taken on a portable USB disk so you can use it on any computer that you go to. Have another try and see how you go. Just be patient – I was going nuts with no hotmail. I could see on my messenger that I had all these new emails but I couldn’t get in. Be patient with Torpark and it will work. Let me know if you have any more problems and or success. Good Luck Mikee!


  68. Amelia, thanks a lot for your passion to solve people’s problem. For me, personally, it didn’t work either, so I didn’t put the program you provided as one of the options. Also, I didn’t feel comfortable to post link to download that I cannot verify whether it is good or not. Your second, and third post reassured me, and I have put it as an option. Thanks again for the value you bring to other readers.

  69. Amelia,

    My hotmail is working again… Thank’s a lot for your help !!

    (your program didn’t help)

    From where are you ?


  70. FYI – those of you who doubt Amelia,s help need to just watch your screen and read the Torpark help notes. Her info is dead on the money and thanks Amelia for that. You need to enable Firefox in your Firewall. If the Torpark cannot dial up the host site for the IP block there is no point of download. Also, I have downloaded it into my laptop and into a fresh flash drive – use a 64 mb for best results. This is a real good tool and obviously from someone who cares about the few.

    As for Jian Shuo Wang: I don’t really give a hoot if you worked at Microsoft – this is an IP hit from Microsoft. My sources in Seattle are leaps above any position that you held there and quoted Mr. Gates word for word on his instructions for involvement with Chinese “pain”. So there…..

  71. Hi Everyone…

    Thanks for your message Michael, I totally agree with your comments and am sure that this is an IP problem from Microsoft – If it wasn’t obvious before it is now that Torpark (program that blocks your IP) lets you go to any hotmail, msn, etc. site. I am 100% sure that this should work on everyones computer although as you said Michael, you may need to go to the help pages and adjust some settings. It worked straight away for me. I don’t usually get involved with forums or things on the internet but I really feel passionate about this because it is terrible not to have email, especially being overseas and this is sometimes the only contact people have with back home and people often rely on it so much for business. Anything that I can do, I am happy to help. Mikee…I am from Australia. Take Care Everyone,


  72. Well i havent tried tor yet as the university seems to block attempts to establish a connection with it. I can however use it with 201 adsl modem. Using my proxy in ireland works for a majority of things that are blocked such as wikipedia but strangely does not work for hotmail. Just a note and in english seems to be blocked recently too. It occationaly works but most of the time is blocked or is blocked soon enough. (especially the images search for obvious reasons but works fine (no surprise)). Now gmail is not working now possible because google is blocked -> look at wher redirects you its a subnet in google which would explain why its blocked. I think this is all a radical improvement of the censoring system where some things are going to stop working completely for a while until the firewall is improved. Just a guess but i cannot understand how the proxy is not working if tor works unless they have some way to monitor known proxys. for instance while surfing stuff like wikipedia works fine but if you try to visit a really anti ccp website (think it was or something) the proxy will stop working instantly. tor will work. Im not too informed on how this works but its just confusing because i thought tor just changes proxys every so often to hide your ip. As for joe well he probably is an intelligent guy studying or working in shanghai. Some people just act silly on the internet to see your response it gives tehm a buzz.

  73. I have had mega hotmail problems, but after changing my country location to China and city to Shanghai, Hotmail worked immediately. Who knows if this is a sure fire fix, but I thought I’d share it.

  74. Bloody hell, hotmail has been okayish for about a month and now it is playing up again – getting through to my account but unable to read the messages.

    I couldn’t go through that crap of May again, could you?

  75. Message to Pip,

    Microsoft is “working” on their new Beta Mail and the old Classic. Try opting for the classic and listen to Shanna – change your country to China and a large City like Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.

    The other links seem to have gone South for the winter, but Hotmail is actually okay.

  76. i dont exactly live in china. i live in washington, in the united states.(not DC) my school blocks all forms of email, and your backdoors allowed me to beat the school once again. i pride myself on beating the school when they block sites, by getting to the sites that are blocked. they had me up against the wall, because i could no longer find any backdoors. BUT YOU ARE SMARTER THAN MY SCHOOL!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  77. As of today I have been unable to open my hotmail messages. I can get to the mailbox but when I click on a message nothing happens. Is anyone else in China (or elsewhere) experiencing this problem. Celia

  78. OK. First option now blocked. BUT!! if you configure a proxy (Search for “FREE PROXY SERVERS” in Google) it’ll work

    enjoy !

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  80. Well I’m not going to read through the millions of comments but if you go to you can login to your hotmail that way. doesn’t work.

    alternatively you could try if you can muddle your way through the chinese to the email button then that might also be a route.

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