Merry Christmas

screen-christmas.2003-logo.jpg Merry Christmas!!!!

I am not sure when I should post this entry, on December 24, the Christmas eve or December 25, the Christmas day. Anyway, I cannot hold to tomorrow so I’d like to post my greetings today. Merry Christmas everyone!

Photographer: Wendy Fan. Send this picture as your greeting card to your friends.

This is Christmas card that I am uisng for this year. Many people asked me about this picture. As some may know, the picture is taken by Wendy in Munich. I believe the shining toys in the shop perfectly reflect my mood at the holiday. Best wishes to my family, my friends, my workmates, my old classmates and of cause, my readers.

Merry Christmas!

At the Christmas of last year, I posted my seasonal greetings to my friends here. This year, the list is much longer. Here it goes.

I’d like to send my greetings to all my friends this year:

To my family memebers: to my parents and my brothers and sisters and sisters-in-laws and brothers-in-laws. Many of them in Luoyang, Fuzhou, Portland, Cleveland, Torronto, Tongchuan…

To the younger generations of the family: Ting, Yue, Hong, Yuan, Anna and Beibei.

To the people I know at work: Steven, Eric, Linda, Yayi, Kenny, Grace, Wendy, Eddy, Eddie, Run, XGAO, yq… (don’t let me list the whole address book)

To my classmates: Ruifeng, Xiaogong, Jia, Tao, Peng, Yu, Jie..

To my best friends growing up together: Xiangfeng, Lijie, Chen, Jinping…

To my friends online: cuanyu, christina,

To my knowledgable friends: Yizhong, Hao, Isaac,…..

To my friends met in Daocheng: caca, jingbo, laobing, yanlin, yehong…..

To my teachers and mentors: Tao, Mr. Kang, Prof. Ju,

To everyone I have every met but don’t know too much: Haoyuan, Qi….

To Flora, who really needs greetings and encouragement.

To all the readers of this blog: Carroll, Ginn, Xu, David, WilliamW, tutu…

To my Hong-Wei who is so important on my way to grow up.

To other great bloggers, Haily, leylop, dodo. I have a list of my favorite blog at my WWW/Blog directory

To those who helped a lot: Sebastian, Targ… There are so many.

Merry Chrismas to you all!

Unlike people in western countries, Christmas is not an official holiday in China. I still work full day today and tomorrow. However, Christmas has become an important holiday among young generations in Shanghai. The Christmas Trees and the gift exchange become the fashion.

I went to the Shanghai Film Art Center for the two new movie: Feng Xiao Gang’s Cell Phone and Taiwan’s Metro (or Sounds of Colors in English). Both are very good movies and I will recommend them to my friends.

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. What wendy wrote giving me strong impression is euro is overrated and RMB our currency has a quite large room to aprreciate. This might be true.

    Merry Christmas to you and your great family !

  2. I have read Wendy’s travelog, which I found is informative and quite useful…

    Really appreciate it!

    And, Merry X’mas!

  3. Merry Christmas from Alberquerque New Mexico, I am a retired teacher living in the Desert SouthWest of the U.S.A.When younger I studied in Kyoto Japan and dreamed of seeing the vast and cultural splendor that is China. Your wonderful Mountain photos of Western China are extraordinary especially of the snow capped mountains.Thank You ..Alan

  4. i am mexican girl and i love to stay with myfamily on chrismas.the picture is so beutiful writeme tomy mail

  5. It’s Christmas again!! A time to cherish the beautiful white snow, smiling snowman, brightness of the Christmas d├ęcor and the yummy candies and cakes! From November onwards it becomes impossible to forget that Christmas is coming. Well to be honest I personally wait for it so that I can return home to meet my parents and girlfriend of course!

    With the passage of time lots of things about the celebration of Christmas has changed. I still remember when I was a kid, mom use to wait near the phone so that she becomes the first one to pick my brother call. We all use to have a fight as who is gonna be first to talk to him. Then I use to visit my relatives and friends with my parents who stayed near by.But now the net world has changed everything, especially the ecard trend. It’s so easy now to connect with our loved ones especially when you have so many ecard sites! One of free Christmas ecard site Being a new website really has fresh and cool greetings. The best part is if I write too regarding some card or idea they do take it seriously. Although the site has several errors but cards are really cool! So guys why don’t you check it out, you will also get the right ecard you are looking for! And if any one of you knows any other fresh ecard website do let me know!

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