Hand-Made Map of Pudong Area

Pudong Map

The result of last Saturday’s driving experience raises my interest in the Pudong Area. After I get off the Dapuqiao Tunnel, which is one of the 10 tunnel/bridges connecting the Pudong and Puxi, the roads become wider and the car speed raised dramatically. The road infrastructure has been well established. I practices a lot of time to get the most important roads out of the Pudong Area. To learn the roads in Pudong is just the same experience as I learnt the roads in Puxi when I first came here in 1995. I still remember the excitement when I realized Huaihai road and Nanjing road are paralle. This should be the most basic knowledge for any people living in Shanghai.

However, the situation for roads in Pudong is totally different. I bet 9 out of 10 people around me cannot tell the relationship between Yang Gao Road and Dong Fang Road, or the Zhang Yang Road – are they parallel, or intersecting? At least I didn’t know before. Now, I have successful drew the following map from my memory. After I can draw a map of a place without reference another map, I can declare that I know that place.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Here is the real map, showing the Jinxiu Road near the Century Park. I am personally interested in the houses there.


Credit: Smi.stn.sh.cn

Updated: Interactive Map June 4, 2004

What to scroll the Shanghai map? Try the map below. Click on the arrows to navigate the map.

43 thoughts on “Hand-Made Map of Pudong Area

  1. Hi Jianshuo

    I don’t mean to flatter you, but you’ve a rather good memory and road sense. :)

    As a matter of interest, what are the price levels (per sq. m.) of the properties near Century Park?


  2. Hehe. You are asking the exactly the right question – the properties near Century Park was only 3,000 RMB per sq. meter at the time before I bought my current apartment – the year of 2000. However, it raised to 10,000 – 15,000 RMB per sq. meter. That is incredible price.

    Generally speaking, apartments in Pudong cost at leat 8,000 RMB per sq. m now. There is still hot debat on whether it is the buble of real estate industry or the potential of real estates in Pudong is still not fully released – some newspaper even say, the house price will continue double in the next few years.

  3. Hi Jian Shuo, I am just wondering if Guoshoujing Road is found in Pudong area. I was trying to locate it in your map viewer but it was in Chinese and I was not successful in finding the place. Thanks!

  4. I was trying to find Zhangjiang district in Shanghai map I gathered from searching in Google but I only managed to find a map for Shanghai Subway. What confused me is that Zhangjiang is near Pudong Central Park, so that means that it is in the Pudong area. Is that right? Is Pudong considered a district or municipality in Shanghai? I am really confused. Please enlighten me on this. Oh by the way, the website that I was able to find about the Shanghai subway was http://www.urbanrail.net/as/shan/shanghai.htm. Thanks lot! :-D

  5. As I have searched further, I have found out that Guoshuojing road is a place in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone in Pudong New Area. It’s very interesting! :-)

  6. Hi there,

    I notice you have lots of information about Pudong and wonder if you have some advise for us. We may be moving to Pudong for my husbands new job located in the Jin Mao Tower. We would like to look for an apartment nearby with at least a swimming pool. Also easy access (walking if possible) to a supermarket for day to day necessities.

    Can you recommend a few places for us to consider, preferably someplace fairly new, we need fully furnished plus broadband or ADSL internet connection. Any idea what kind of rent is normal?

    Thanks for your help. Regards


  7. Hi Esther

    Sounds like your husband has enough income for these proposals :

    A well known apartment complex (among foreigners) is Yanlord Garden (Renheng bin jiang yuan) on 99 Puming Lu. They have lots of facilities (tennis, out/in-door swimmingpools, indoor badminton court, table tennis and squash court, a small golf range, restaurant and a convenience store. The facilities are available if you apply for membership of the clubhouse.

    The management and management staff widely speaks english.

    130 m2 is about 1500-1700 US$ a month. 40% of residents are foreigners, the highest rate in Pudong, I think. Take phase 2 apt’s, phase 1 lacks some convenience in the apartments.

    New apt’s in their phase 3 are more than 2000 US$/mth.

    Another (more chineselike) is opposite Shancheng Lu, Summit Residences, cheaper, but with less facilities.

    Further away south is Shimao Riviera Garden, with fashionable apartments, but don’t expect a crystal clear beach, the Riviera is a brown water pond, and the views is down on Huangpu River, and the coal storeplaces at the shore…

    If you can wait a year or so, a new complex is constructed even closer to Jinmao Dasha (the chinese name), but I don’t think that’s an option.

  8. Hi jian Shuo,

    Love your information.Can you help,i am coming to the sniec and wondering which hotel to book maybe a 3 star?

    best regards Ivan

  9. Hi there Jian Shuo,

    Im contemplating moving to Shanghai in the next 2 months.

    The place Im thinking of working at, is located on Ningqiao Rd.

    Roughly in the middle of the following map:


    where the “777”s are.

    I was wondering where is a good place to look for accommodation that is both reasonably close to this area and close to more interesting areas of shanghai (possibly Pudong). Im not really looking to be in an area full of westerners. But would like to be somewhere reasonably pleasant and not too expensive. I guess its important to have access to the trainline to get into the city centre on weekends.

    Kind regards


  10. Hi,

    Can I check how long is the journey (car/taxi) from Airport to No.211 Century Avenue?

    Is the place convenient? From this place is it far to get to the shopping centres? How long is the duration?

    What is the operating hours of the shopping centres?



  11. Could you please tell me the Chinese characters for Sanlin qu for Pudong New area? Thank you so much.

  12. Thank you for all the helpful information and wonderful map. I was just there for an advance trip as my family will be moving there March 1. We are considering Shimao Lakeside Garden for a resident and the Fortune Kindergarten local school for our kids which I think is on Dong Huang Long Road. Are you able to tell me how far apart Shimao Lakeside and Fortune Kindergarten are in Kilometers and maybe indicating where they are on your map using the street names for reference points?

  13. Hello, I have found your information most helpful. I’m a American dating a Chinese lady in Pudong and would like to find a apart. to buy central to the Chinese culture and prices. Do you know of any deals???


    Bradley Carson


  14. hi,


  15. Could you please tell me the Chinese characters for HOTEL NOVOTEL ATLANTIS in 728 pudong avenue, shanghai 200120 ? I need that for showing to the taxi driver. Thank you so much.

  16. Hi Hi Jian Shuo,

    I am just wondering if Novotel Atlantis is found in Pudong area. I was trying to locate it in your map viewer but it was in Chinese and I was not successful in finding the place. Thanks!

    Tomorrow on May 10, i should come to Shanghai,please help me. I am coming from jakarta.

    Thanks so much.

  17. Hi, heard about you from my close friend who you met on yanding trip. one year ago? cannot remember exactly!! do not why wait for now to read your blog even through she keeps telling me about you. hahah

  18. Hi, one question, is Inge ( oh, one of my friend’s nephew named “ingo”) Indonesian? i am planning to go to bali after my thai trip ( around 31th May to 7th June). if yes, any suggestion he can gives to me about bali?

  19. Hi, this is such a great resource for information. Wonder if you can help. I am planning to attend the AdTech conference being held Nov 15- 17, 2005 | Shanghai International Convention Center, PRC . the recommended hotel is

    Oriental Riverside Hotel

    2727 Riverside Avenue Pudong,

    Shanghai, China 200120


    Find it has no more rooms. So I booked in

    Sofitel JJ Oriental Pudong

    address : 889 Yang Gao Nan Road


    Tel : (+86)21/50504888

    Can you please tell me what the approximate distance would be between the two locations and if it is convenient? In the event I have made a mistake, I would appreciate knowing if there is a more suitable hotel closer to the Convention Center.

    Many thanks,

  20. interested in property called g- bridge5-6 km pudong.web www. marbeleos.com.looking for 1100 dollars sq mt. guaranteed rental programme 18 yrs. cendant hotel to manage. guaranteed rental 7.2 to 8.9 per cent.what do you think.

  21. I am trying to find a way to locate 77-16 Jiale Road, Suite 902, Jinqiao,Pudong New District in Shanghai. Is there any map locater devices on the internet to assist. I am trying to locate something very important, can you help me with either directions or a mapfinder!


    Many Thanks

  22. Will be in Shanghai October ’07 for the Special Olympics. Our daughter will be swimming at the PUDONG NATATORIUM and we’re trying to locate a nice hotel within walking distance. Any suggestions??

  23. I am afraid I just cannot suggest hotels, since there are too many from very cheap to very expensive. Please check out the hotel section of this site. There are some choices.

  24. I have checked the hotel section but as I have no idea where the PUDONG NATATORIUM is located, other than Pudong Road, I don’t know which hotel might be nearby. We would like to find a place within walking distance. Thanx.

  25. I am desperately trying to find a way to locate 77-16, Jiale Road, (Jia Lia Ru ?), Pudong New District in Shanghai. It is some new apartment buildings. Do you possibly know the name of the complex, what real estate company or construction company might be selling the units? I am trying to locate something very, very important, can you help me with either directions from PuDong Airport? Or, can you lead me to someone who can assist me?

  26. Hi jianshuo, my children will be studying in Jian Ping school @ ZaoZhuang Road, Pudong New Area for about 2 weeks. I don’t seem to be able to find the road on your map. Do you know of any good and reasonably-priced hotel/service apartment around that area ? Thank you.

  27. Hello Jianshou,

    Do you happen to know the real estate situation near Century Park? I heard that prices are easing, but are they and could they fall more? Also, if you have any comments about real estate agent, that would be very helpful. Thank you for your help.

  28. Hi Jianshou,

    My husband and I are moving to Shanghai in one month. We have both been hired to work for Shanghai Lotus on YangGao Zhong Rd. in Pudong. We will be there in two weeks looking at places to live. We’ll be moving with our dog and were wondering if you could recommend a nice serviced apartment or villa. Preferably high end that’s fully furnished and walking distance to restaurants, etc… So far we’ve really liked Lanson Place Jinlin Tiandi Residences in Luwan District but weren’t sure if it’s too far from the office. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



  29. Hi Jianshuo;

    Sorry to be a Dummy, but you say (below the map above) scroll with the arrows . . . what arrows?

  30. Hi..

    Am coming to Shanghai for 2 days workshop..being first time in Shanghai (9-11may), really execitded and planning to stay back for few days to roam around Shanghai & nearby province…my plan is Shanghai-Wuix-Suzhou-hangzhou-Shanghai.. Any recommendation of places that I MUST go …and how to get around ??? Many thanks.

  31. Hi, I am trying to get an internship at the following address 1493 S Pudong Rd., Pudong. The problem is that I completely Ignore where it is and I wasn’t able to find an interactive map of Shanghai. The company is called “Shanghai Huizhong Automative Manufacturing” (www.shac.com.cn/). Do you know how far it is located from the city centre (f.ex. the Bund)?

    Thanks for any hint :-)

  32. I need a detailed street map of the area immediatly south of Zhangyang Rd near the Huangpu river

  33. What is always confusing me are the translations or transliterations of Names.

    There is the Dongfang Road, and here in the Handdrawn map its called the Oriental Avenue. In the subway the names Shiji Abenue and Century Avenue are one and the same. Some websites mention Fanyu Lu when they mean Panyu Lu. etc. etc. etc.

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