China is Sending Man to Space

The news of the launch of manned space vehicle was sealed so good that it was announced within two week before the launch. Today, I saw the news report on TV confirming that the first manned space vehicle will be launched between Oct 15 to Oct 17, 2003. Shenzhou V will orbit the earth 14 times on a 21-hour mission.

It is just too good news to be true. I thought it will be a 10 year project just like the Manhattan Project, instead of such a late notice to me. Maybe the project has went on for two or three decade – I was just shocked and cannot believe the first astronaut of China will go to the space immediately.

Good luck to the first astronaut and the space vehicle.

3 thoughts on “China is Sending Man to Space

  1. It is a too good news to be true ? It is true !

    Every Chinese should perceive that our country is no longer one to be oppressed, is the country will be soon marking itself the third in the world history capable to launch humans to misterious and potential space. What a honor !

    May our Chinese mission succeed with flying colours !

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