Old Houses in Shanghai

Shanghai is a lovely city because it has a lot old houses. Each of them are telling their own history. Shanghai is unique since most of the old buildings reflects the unique history when foreign traders enters China and build their own style of building. Taking the France Club as an example, it was built in 1900’s by German and was rebuilt in 1928 and becomes the France Club.


France Club in 1928. Credit: libnet.sh.cn

The old picture below take at 1930’s clearly show the France Club, the large grassland before it, the tall apartment (which still stands there till now) and the Mao Ming Road between them.


Credit: libnet.sh.cn

A centuary past and the building was still there, but the new owner is the five star hotel – the Garden Hotel. The Art Decro style building reminds me of the old times when 500 people went to Chen Yun Shang’s wedding at this palace, the famous film star at that time.

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

Some change did happened. A 120 meter tall building (with 34 floor) raised behind the old house. I love this architect so much because it combined the history and today together.

© Jian Shuo Wang

There are so many old buildings of builders from different nationality in Shanghai. I am so interested to visit them, to find out the history behind them and learn how spendid and famous they were when they were “young”..

Update Jian Shuo Wang and Wendy’s Wedding September 25, 2004

Wendy and I got married at this fantastic place on September 21, 2003. This place means a lot to me.

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  1. i couldn’t agree with more.Each unique architecture has its own history. have u noticed the building which was built by the jewish people who lived here in shanghai during the would war two more than a half century ago?

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  3. Hi Mr. Wang, Garden Hotel means a lot for my family, actually, my grandparents they had their wedding ceremony in French Club too, my mother she was born in Shanghai and her first birthday part was held in the same place. My family left Shanghai after the Communist took over the place, and never got a chance to go back to China. I could only get to know Shanghai through those old pictures that my grandmonther used to keep. I am planning a trip to Shanghai later this year, and for sure, the French Club is one of the must-see places for me.

  4. Hi Mr Wang , I see that you are very interested in the architecture of Shanghai and am researching a family member who worked there as an architect about 1900 . He was Archibald Pain Nazer and easily identified by his unusual sir name . His father may well have been one also so keep a look out as I would love to find what buildings he was on . regards Vaughan.

  5. J like very much your fotos: Sun Yatsen Villa, Club sportif français…because they are building by my great father Alexandre Léonard (Laian) Leonard?p?Veysseyre??.

    Have you other views ?

    Thank you.

  6. J like very much your fotos: Sun Yatsen Villa, Club sportif français…because they are building by my great father Alexandre Léonard (Laian) Leonard?p?Veysseyre??.

    Have you other views ?

    Thank you.

  7. Dechife, please contact me. There is someone from France (peut-etre the meme a vous) who has contacted me about alexandre leonard,an architect, from France and his wife??? Anna from Vilna??? get in touch with me thanks (merci)

  8. Dechife, again I am looking for Alexandre Leonard killed march 13 1946 in Shanghai. He was an architect. He was married to Anna Bovshis? born May 16, 1905. They lived in Shanghai. If you are a relative please contact me at wjknicks@aol.com thanks bill

  9. I am doing a researsch on all the bulding build part of them by the Architectes A LEONARD , P. VEYSSEYRE & A. KRUZE for the Cie of my Grand Father Rene FANO (ISS & FONCIM & Picardie Cie) who lived in Shanghai fron 1902 to 1937 ( years of is natural death )

    I am in contact whith the descendancy of these architects

    any one could help me as to locate these ” immeuble” as i have the old adresse prior to 1949

    Thanks very much

  10. Dear Friends

    Read my previous email regarding the building of ythe French Concession of Shanghai since i made a quietextandted census of different ” Art deco ” building i wouls like to knwn who were the architect of fews of them : Le Cite BOURGOGNE, Le Paris court & le Paris, the Garden Terrace, could any one be able to help me

    Yours sincerely

    John Patrick FANO Silver Sands W.Australia

  11. Dear Mr William JACOB

    I am a friend or Mr DECHIFFRE and i do known nearly all the stories of the familly Of Alexander LEONARD, if i could help

    please contact me

    Yours sincerely

  12. Dear friends

    Bonjour from Australia

    I am looking for chinese shareholder of my grand Father Cies : FONCIM , ISS ( SIE) or PICARDIE

    he was also involved with the ” Cercle Sportif Francais” , The Canidrome, the ALAI-HAI, UNION MOBILIERE, Le Grand garage etc …

    My Grand Father was : Rene FANO ( 1878-1937) he lives in Shanghai from 1906 to his death

    Please do contact me

    Yours sincerely

    John Parick FANO Silver Sands , W. Australia

  13. Dear Mr Patrick FANO,

    I’m doing a phD on hybrid architecture in Asia, especially in Vietnam.

    Did you do research about your grandfather in French archives such as the Centre des archives d’outre Mer in Aix en provence ? Maybe you could find something there.

    I’m interested also in Veysseyre, Leonard and Kruze agency.

    If you want more information about archives in France, or if you have information about the Veysseyre, Leonard and Kruze

    please contact me ( caroline.herbelin@gmail.com)

    Thank you very much

    Caroline Herbelin,


  14. Bonjour

    I would like to known who was the architect disigner of the : Cite Bourgogne in ~ 1930

    as well as the ” Paris court” & “Paris”

    Sincerely yours



  15. Bonjour

    Dear Mr William JACOBS

    I would like you to contacte me regarding LEONARD, VEYSSEYRE & KRUZE designe in Shanghai as well as R. MINUTTI , L HUDEC they all were used by my Grand father as architect in the french Concession of Shanghai between 1912 to 1937

    Yours sincerely


    Ps: I would like also to known the name of the designer of ” Paris Court” & “Paris” Buildong as well as ” Cite Bourgogne” (today known as ” Bugaoli” )

  16. Dear Mr WANG

    Are you related to the WANG I TONG familly ( it is a Phonetic French prononciation )

    In the case of no or yes contact me on my Private adress


    Sincerely yours

  17. Hello Mr. Wang.

    My parents (British) were members of the French Club in the 1930s. They used to go swimming there, and my sister learnt to swimm in the old pool. I visited the hotel in 2006 and they were interested in my story and showed me the balcony and the new pool. I love your photos. Thank you.

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  19. I too am interested in

    Archibald Pain Nazer, and his wife Alice Mary Nazer, also born in China.

    It may be that APN was related to John Chlmer Nazer and Eliza Pain of Deal, in Kent, England. APN is the brother of my gt gt grand father, Henery Kelly Nazer.

    Alice Mary Nazer bought a plot of land in China, in 1921 – the details are recorded at the National Archives, in London.

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