My Previous House at Meilong

I suddenly missed my previous house at Meilong badly. It was on the forth floor of a 6-floor apartment building, which is 15-minute-walk away from Lianhua Road Metro Station. The 64 sq meter apartment with two bed rooms, one guest room, one kitch, one rest room only cost me 600 RMB per month. That was a great deal and currently, I cannot image any apartment with less than 600 RMB, let along the two-bed room apartment.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Look at the nice and romatic bed room. I lived there for three years.

2 thoughts on “My Previous House at Meilong

  1. It is nice 2 c sb talking abt things I used 2 belong 2. I hv lived in Meilong district since I was born, and my parents r still living there (well, 2 b precise, we actually moved 2 LuoXiu Rd. 3 yrs ago, when I was Senior 3). My high school (Shanghai high school) is also near that area. So it’s like I’ve nv left that area. However, I’ve been studying in HKU since last summer, so I reli miss the place, though it maybe a little bit of dirty in some sense. I went back a few weeks ago and am back in HK again now, however the feeling of missing hasn’t diminished a bit. It has grown even stronger, for Meilong being such a place 2 live a life. Though the cost of living is going up speedily, haha.

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