I Got My Income Tax Rebate

It is still hot today with reported temperature of 37 degree C again. It is the 11th continous boiling day in Shanghai. Maybe it will break the high tempature record of 18 continous high-tempature days in 1930’s.

Just on this hot day, I completed all the registration process for the tax rebate. That is the rebate of all the personal income tax from the next month the house purchase contract was signed till the May of 2003. The personal income tax rate is 20% for more people – with monthly salary of 1400 RMB (do not remember the exact number though). That will be a large amount of money. :-)

This policy has stopped since May of this year. I feel lucky that I made the decision to buy a house two years ago. Now the price per sq. meter for the house increased by almost 50% and the income tax rebate also brought benifit. That is great.

The money is expected to be ready in 3 – 4 months.

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