8 thoughts on “Happy Times

  1. Carroll, Ginn and Issac, Thanks for your care. It is me myself was hit by the happy time virus – something splendid happened in my life and I cannot help to put all the happy terms in the blog. However, I perfer not to tell about it right now. I will let you know in the blog later…. Sorry for that. But be sure, I will share my happiness and explain the reason one day. :-) Yes. I am happy, very happy.

  2. Well, that’s definitely good enough for me, Jian Shuo! It’s delightful to sometimes see a person walking along on the street who is obviously brimming over with happiness for some reason unknown to passers by. You have probably made people you don’t even know, feel like smiling inside themselves just by witnessing the joy on your face. Whatever it is that made you feel this way, I’m sincerely happy for you, and look forward to hearing all about it whenever the time is right for you to share.

  3. i’m not sure all of what u get is flattering. some of it is coded. r u sure this site is not bing used 4 soveing problems. it is a good thing to expose fraud and fallacy but u don’t seem to have a clu about cro tikls.ur friend indeed wu wang fui rsvp asap.

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