Growing Old Together Gracefully

This is the forth month memorial day after Wendy and I got married. It is always sweet to look back to the long road we have come along.

I happen to see the picture in Dan Washburn‘s article – Build Me Up, Tear Me Down on That’s Shanghai Magazine – Growing Old Together gracefully.

I feel warm when I read it. Seems to God has intentionally show the sentence to me on my special day. :-)

Recently, my friend and my favorite blogger Christina in Nanjing got married. I’d like to congratulate her and David for their wedding and best wishes to them. Christina was nervous at the time – I can understand that but I am sure the decision is the one that mark the beginning of happen times, like mine. :-)

3 thoughts on “Growing Old Together Gracefully

  1. I came across your web site here while researching the ENDADS spam I kept getting hit with. Thanks to some instructions I found on the site I was able to stop the annoyance. Thank you.

  2. There’s a sky beyond the sky. I’ve never expected there are so many in China who can write English with such ease.

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