Run Your Blog with Your Own Domain Name

A lot of people are very interested to know how to run the same website as mine ( The questions are:

  1. How to get a domain name with my own name?
  2. What do I need to do after I get the domain name? Where should I put my pages.
  3. What is the software you are using to publish your website?

Well. They are all good questions when you have know idea about the Internet world. I’d like to help.

Domain name

Believe it or not, you can get a unique top level Internet name at Anything you can think of before it is taken.

Here is the tool you can type in your name with .com at the end at my favoriate Domain Name Lookup tool – GeekTools. See if it is taken or not. If they return “no information for that domain”, then congratulations and you can go ahead to register it.

P.S. Here is the domain information for my domain.

You pay: 120 RMB or less per year
You get: Your right to assign an IP address to the domain name and change it at anytime you want.

Read on to see where to get your IP address.


Domain name itself is only a record at the central domain registration administration. It will point your visitors to your website. Having a domain name is just to get a car plate. You have to buy your car seperately. For the website, you need to find the website hosting service. They provide the real machines, hard disks, the Interenet connections to you.

You pay: 300 RMB per year
You get: 1) An IP address, which you can give it to the domain name hosting company

2) An username and a password, by which you can put your own webpage and pictures to the hosting server.

Blogging software

I suggest you to run MovableType, which can be downloaded free of charge at Be aware that it is a little bit difficult to configure and run it for non-technical people. Read my article MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP for more information.

Begin blogging

Let me know if you have setup your blogging with your own domain name. I would like to provide link to you on my site. I am very careful to choose which site I link to. You are entitled a link on this site only if you meet the following criteria.

1) You created your site by following the instructions listed above.

– or –

2) You are inspired by this article to begining your blogging with your own domain name.

– or –

3) You followed the instruction in my article MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP to run your copy of MovableType.

Let me know by comment here and I will create a special section and link to you – the very unique community on the net.


Post it here and welcome to join the blogging world.

15 thoughts on “Run Your Blog with Your Own Domain Name

  1. Yeah, Jeremy’s right. I got a nice little domain from Their hosting ain’t bad either, I only paid $42.00 for my domain and hosting…

    I’m trying to figure out how to make a nice little blog section on my site. A seperate page from the home page though.

    If anybody has any ideas how to, email, since is my domain, then yeah!


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  3. Hi, Jianshuo,

    This is the third time I leave a massage on your blog. You may never notice me though, I am so happy to become your reader to enjoy all on your web. I love writing and have the idea in my head for a few months to run a blog or simply a diary on web. Your blog actually is the first one I have ever read-I admit that I am a little bit out-of-date on computer and internet. As said in the first massage to you, I keep traveling and don’t have a stable HOME for myself. I simply used internet as a mail box without applying its more functions, I am never good at computer even in university. But now I need to do more on it. I will create a blog and this idea is UNDER THE INSPIRATIONS FROM YOUR BLOG.. ;-D

    Then I have to face two big challenges: first of all, I am ignorant about computer technology. When I read your articles on how to create a webside, I completely got LOST. Secondly, I am not 100% sure if I will really enjoy running a blog. The thing is, if I make great efforts to create something really under my knowledge-you can see how tough it would be to a non-technical person, finally to find I lose interest to continue it, and it will be very bad. I don’t want to force myself to do something I dislike. In addition, I can’t run a good blog if I am not interested in it. Technology is merely a base of a blog. But if I don’t try it, how can I know if I enjoy it or not? I just attempt to do bloging as taking a hobby, not for fame, for money or for attention.

    Fortunately, I found MSN SPACE which is not a real blog holder, but looks easier in technology and simple in use. I will try to create one on it first and run it for some time to see if I really love writing on web, then to make the further decision. Does it make sense? :-)

    I will let you know my MSN SPACE. ;-P

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