Wendy is Flying to Dallas

Wendy will fly to Dallas, TX tomorrow to attend the Microsoft Tech·Ed 2003. This is her first to go to U.S.

Impacted by SARS, some flights were canceled. So it is not easy to go from Shanghai to Dallas. She has to fly to Tokoyo via ANA, then to Chicago and at last to Dallas.


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1 thought on “Wendy is Flying to Dallas

  1. I just find my news in this place. bu hao. I am very good in Dallas and have a good feeling from today. I have heard 3 session today, they are all wonderful.

    Biztalk workflow



    and Biztalk

    I have got a conclusion that BizTalk is all made by a group of India people because 3 of 4 speakers of Biztalk are indians. ;-)

    I have listened to Kimberly’s session, she is really a guru, I love her lesson. she is a MVP, you can access http://www.sqlskills.com to reach her.

    Expecting to see you.

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