Shanghai Looks Good – Despit of SARS

The sunny weather continues. The rumor of SARS discontinued. With the recent official news on SARS from the Ministry of Health, the ban for news on the topic of SARS is lifted. Newspapers, TVs, radios and websites rush to report SARS in one night, just as the speed of spreading Bill Gate’s news.

I haven’t tried metro since the first day I heard about SARS. Yesterday, I had a try. I didn’t see any one with a mask then. It is said that about 5-20 people wearing facial masks in metro during the rush hours.

In the bus, I didn’t find any one wearing masks too. People insists to open the window eve in the air-conditioned bus. The only two masks I have ever seen is in the bund areas. The official news reports again and again that there is NO SARS in Shanghai. Shanghai is clean and safe. Don’t need to wear masks…..

I also see another large group of visitor from U.S. in the Ever Bright Hotel. One of them was wearing NATO logo clothes.

P.S. Below is the new version of home page on my blog. Hopefully, it will be online in one week.

7 thoughts on “Shanghai Looks Good – Despit of SARS

  1. Hi I’d be interested in hearing more about the announcement and the lift of the reporting ban. I’m an American living here in Shanghai. My Mandarin is really limited, so I don’t get to see much local news. Is there a place I can go to see that news in English?

    I just ran into your site a couple days ago. Great stuff! I’ve checked out some of your Daocheng pictures. Really amazing.

  2. hi.

    i recommend though you have to subscribe to it. its the south china morning post.(hk’s english language newspaper). they have a good chunk of news on china in general..

    its where i get my source of info anyway!!!


  3. this is the china daily that was the source of the “bill gates murdered” story right :) Just kidding. I’ll check out those links. Thanks!

  4. Chris, you are right. It was China Daily which reports the murder of Bill Gates.

    In China, the People’s Daily is the offical newspaper which deliver the policitics news – it is the voice of the Party. The China Daily (in English) is the English version of all official news.

  5. Jian Shuo Wang;

    I like your site.

    We are writing a daily summary of the news about SARS, at

    We will include a link to your SARS page, in the next SARS Update (about 4 hours from now). It will include something like this, about your country:


    SARS is widespread, according to official Chineses reports.

    Total of 60 deaths, in China.

    Total of 10 cases, 2 deaths in the province of Inner Mongolia.

    Total of 45 deaths in Guangdong, apparently the birthplace of the SARS epidemic.

    Beijing, Guangxi region in the south and the provinces of Shanxi in the north, Sichuan in the west and Hunan in central China have all reported SARS deaths. provides advice for travelers flying in and out of China. [Hat-tip to ‘Robo]

    The People’s Daily Newspaper.


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