Shanghai Saturday

It is such a sunny Saturday here in the city of Shanghai. Good weather gives me very good mood. It rained for 3 days in the last week. I am caught by one of the rain that I was completely wet although I have a umbrella. You can imagine how happy I am to have the sunny (Satur)Day.

New Scanner

With the wedding ceremony in Luoyang coming soon, we decided to create a grant website for the event and create some videos to be played. We have hundreds of photos that need to be scanned. So I rushed into the computer store and bought a Founder F5580 scaner. Just guess the price – 320 RMB (36 USD). It is much cheaper than before – I am not sure whether this price is higher or lower than that in U.S.


Pictures contesy for

There are some 500 RMB scanners with 1200dpi resolution. I believe that 600dpi is good enough for me since 300dpi can produce a picture twice as large as the computer screen from a 6′ photo.

Lupu Bridge

Everyday, I will pass the Lupu Bridge in taxi. As the world largest arch bridge, it is almost completed – at least from the eyes of a outsider – the shape and the roads seem be to have been ready. Today, however, is the first day we went onto the bridge – due to the left-turn road construction, all traffic were directed to the bridge and take U-turn on the bridge, then run to the original direction. Hard to understand, isn’t it? Refer to the map below – the original left-turn road were blocked and we took right turn, then u-turn on the bridge (dotted line in the map).

Hand drawn by Jian Shuo Wang. Thanks for the new scanner

I am very excited to see the splendid new bridge. I didn’t bring camera with me. So check this picture of the bridge which was taken 7 months ago.


The bridge at 08.10.2002. Image source:

When completed, it will offer a shortcut from Puxi to Pudong, espcially the Pudong Airport. The Nanpu bridge will be off loaded.

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