No SARS Case Found in Shanghai

It is REPORTED that there is no SARS case in Shanghai in the popular Shanghai Morning Post today.

According to the speakman of Shanghai Health Administration up to now, there is no case found yet. He also mentioned some foreign media’s report on infection in Shanghai is not true.

It is normal that if there is any bad news, the official will clarify the truth. I hope the report or the news I heard from my friends are just rumor. Please also treat all the information on SARS on this web site as rumor too.

P.S. I had the physical examination for driver’s license today. There are many very interesting tests. I am not sure of the name in English yet.

Update April 1, 2003

Although SARS is not reported to breakout in Shanghai, concerns of SARS do breakout. Check this article for updates.


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  1. I sent my assistant to Ruijin Hospital on Friday and they have all run out of masks. Then one doctor on the 3rd floor gave him some and said that 7-8 people died of pneumonia recently but they don’t have the facilities to confirm whether it is SARS or not!!! The whole ward for pneumonia is full, so full half the ward for pregnant women is also used for pneuonia patients. Tell me there is no SARS in Shanghai!!!

    My kids are wearing masks going to public places in Shanghai.

    I think the government should implement preventive measures for SARS, just in case the real thing comes and everyone in Shanghai is ready for it!


  2. I m tired of China’s government and it’s policy. It is keeping some information secret witch will kill many people JUST because they do not admit that there are viruses like Sars in China. I have heard from the local doctors in Shanghai, Kun Shan and Suzhou that there is Sars already in these cities. This was told to me by doctors, not by the ”Shanghai morning post” which is ruled by the government.

  3. I’m meant to be going on a university trip to Shanghai and Peking this week and am a little scared about the whole situation. Could somebody please offer me some advise. And quickly – I’m meant to be flying on Wednesday morning.

  4. I hope you’d better be very cautious here – Some companies have offered paid sick leave for employees who got fever above 38 degree C. Seems the worst news has arrived yet.

  5. they have started to spray disinfectant spray in huaihaixilu.

    but still no “official” news.

    everyone.. its here.

    be careful. wear your masks.

    it seems as though no one is going to tell you to. so you had better just start to take precautions yourself.

  6. I had a trip planned Beijing from Australia that was sponsored by Microsoft. I’ts been cancelled due to SARS. All MSFT staff have been advised not to travel to the “region”. I hope more is understood about this virus soon. It has the impact to possibly influence the World economy on a scale we have not seen. I believe that Singapore is already suffering from cancelled business trips and that IBM and other workers in Honk Kong have been sent home to work from home. I’m glad I found this site – i’ll keep checkign back in to learn a little about SARS, Beijing and China in the hope that my trip is re-scheduled.

  7. Hi ! I’m a western that spend 8 months per year in China where I work and also like to stay ,I love Shanghai.

    Now I-m going to come back (I left China In January),but I decided to stop because the SARS.

    I think it is impossible to say “no-sars” case in Shanghai.

    I know well the “chinese-way” (8 years in China),I was surprised some chinese friends even they don-t know anything about SARS I informed them by email and call.

    I found out interesting this site,even we must be realistic rumors are different from official case.

    I have read the brefing in NY of WHO (World Health Organization) they claimed because they didn-t get “invitation” in Guandong province to go to check situation.This is a sign that time didn’t change.

  8. Should you not be more careful what you say on this blog? Giving information about suspected SARS cases in Shanghai or elsewhere in China might be seen by some as “leaking state secrets”. Pay attention to what happened to people who gave details of HIV cases to westerners.

    Very interesting to hear what is really happening in Shanghai – but take care.

  9. Thanks Mike. I take it as friendly reminder. I am aware of this. I believe I love the country I am in so much, no matter what happened. It is becoming better and better in the unimaginary speed. Shanghai has become one of the greatest cities in the world.

    The administration of media is becoming better and better. The 24×7 non-stop report of Iraq war from CCTV is a good evidence of this kind of progess. I love to see this happening in my country.

    Thanks anyway.

  10. Jianshuo: Thank you for providing this channel for information. In four days, I have to decide whether to bring a group of American students to Shanghai for the summer. Your Blog was very helpful to me!

    Are there active “local chains of transmission” of SARS in Shanghai? If anyone has information on either side of this question, please let me know.

    The contrast between the information flows in China and the US is so amazing: I watch the CDC press conferences in Atlanta – every tiny piece of information is pursued by the press and provided; whereas Health Minister Zhang in Beijing had soooo much trouble providing accurate information for China. Well, I sympathize with China’s leaders – change is always hard to do – China is changing very quickly, it’s amazing how much it has changed, this crisis shows us that there is still some distance to go before China will be an open society.

    Thanks again for your website. blr

  11. Bruce, to answer your question: “Are there active local chains of transmission of SARS in Shanghai?”, I have to say so far, there is no such chains.

    Please note this does not mean I am sure there is no such chains. The only fact I can confirm is that I don’t know.

    The SARS becomes very popular in TV and newspapers these days. All asking people don’t be worry and don’t need to wear masks on the street – there is only one “imported” SARS cases in Shanghai. By “imported”, they mean the patient got the disease somewhere else and came to Shanghai to see doctors.

    Meanwhile, I also got emails to warn that don’t go to 5 places in Shanghai, such as Hua Hai West Rd, People’s Square, Shanghai Railway Station, Xinqiandi and Baxian Bridge. It is said it comes from an government internal meeting. Does it imply the chains have been identified?

  12. If Hong Kong has over 880 cases by now and 22 deaths, how can I believe there is only one imported case in Shanghai? In Hong Kong, the first cases were also “imported” but the disease spread like wildfire amongst the health workers. My friend who is a doctor at the United Christian hospital said they wore masks, washed their hands constantly and disinfected everything since THREE weeks ago, but still have 14 doctors and health worker infected by SARS!! Tell me there is only one case in Shanghai! Totally unbelievable. This is a highly contagious disease and Shanghainese are not doing enough to prevent it from spreading! It will take a foreigner to die here to get the government to admit how many people are actually infected!

  13. caroline… you took the words right out of my mouth. i am currently in xiamen and the local government insists that there is no SARS here… we’re closer to hongkong/guandong province than shangai and so far from what i’ve read there are 100 or so cases of sars there. i’m really getting worried because my little boy is here with me and to tell you the truth i’m extremely paranoid about him catching it. i’ve done everything i can from disinfecting our apartment to constantly washing hands but there is only so much we can do. For example: we have relatives visiting from a nearby province and one of them has a DRY COUGH and is always sneezing. I can’t tell her not to breathe so i just have to watch every single move she makes. when she’s not in the room, i go over whatever she touched with alcohol and water… it’s true what they say… PARANOIA WILL DESTROY YOU… but i’m not willing to take the risk.I’m exhausted. I’m constantly searching the net for any information (reliable… that is) that can tell me what the hell is really goig on. So far i’ve heard or read nothing about Xiamen… this makes me more paranoid.

  14. All I know about Fujian is that a mother and father died of SARS leaving a boy ophaned after travelling from HK to Fujian and getting SARS there…Can’t remember where I read that one…

    So take precautions, ask people who cough whether they have a fever. Wear a mask, wash hands, disinfect with Chlorine….1 part to 49 parts water.

    By the way, there are 920 cases of SARS as of today in Hong Kong, and 25 deaths! Only still one case in Shanghai! Either the Government is doing a GREAT job here or something is terribly WRONG!!


  15. does anyone know if the death rate varies accoring to age groups? would a child have a higher risk of dying as compared to a healthy adult?

  16. I can understand your concerns about your little baby. Based on the news I got, it seems the death rate is much higher for elder people. I haven’t heard of any case of child yet. Anyone has the information? Please post. Thanks.

  17. If you are a foreigner who is living in Pudong ,Shanghai, got a sore throat, 37.5 celcius body temperature, an a travel history that include 3 days in Guangzhou (hope i didn’t misspell the name )at the end of March,2003 and you want to see a doctor ,which hospital could be a better choice to have a check?.Which one you will choose for yourself? and which is just simply the best hospital?

  18. Thanks for the info,I’ll pass it to a friend.She already went to see a doctor 2 days ago and will get back to work next weeks.

  19. Going to a hospital by yourself could be a danger to the public. I think a suspect should confine himself at home and dial 120 for immediate quarantine and medical service.

  20. I have been planning a trip to Shanghai for some time from the United States in late May. Should I cancel?

  21. How can we believe that Canada, has more cases than the only city of Shanghai ? The relations between HongKong/Guangdong and Shanghai are bigger than relations between Canada and HongKong/Guangdong.

    It’s just another point of view, but in 2 weeks, chinese holidays will come. If anybody warns these millions of people intending to travel, what will happen about the chinese policy “everything is under control”.

    Please, just let the truth go out.

  22. IT’S ME AGAIN…just by reading the entries it makes me wonder what numbers we should call here in xiamen if we feel that we should be checked for SARS? We haven’t been informed about any procedures or any hospitals we should go to.

  23. On the article above, I just have a thought about the (potential) situation in Australia.

    In Hong Kong or mainland China, for that matter, the virus is expected to take a summer break as it gets warmer over the next few weeks. But Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere and the seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere — when it’s summer in the north, it’s winter south of the equator.

    If anything, the Australians should be very, very careful just about now.

  24. I don’t think the hot weather will prevent sars. Look at Singapore. Can’t get any hotter to kill the virus if you go by that myth!! Be careful.

  25. I need help, i have a business trip in shanghai this coming May 25. I want to know the real situation there can you give me advise thanks

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