Guangzhou Virus Outbreak – Pneumonia-type

According to friends in Guangzhou, unknown virus outbroke in Guangzhou in the previous week. It is widely believed that 200 people have been infected in Guangzhou alone till Feb 10 (two days ago) and more in other areas. The official report said there is only 5 died from the virus.

I don’t know the exact number and I don’t believe anyone has the actual number, but it is very true that the virus has caused wide anxiousity in Guangzhou and in other areas in China. My friends in Guangzhou is planning to leave Guangzhou immediately. White vinegar and medicines have been out of stock in all stores. Even the virus harm is not confirmed, the impact is real. I was planning some visits to Guangzhou but I have to postpone the schedule.

There are some street phones of current Guangzhou.





9 thoughts on “Guangzhou Virus Outbreak – Pneumonia-type

  1. Dude

    You know the chinese Government should really do more for their people and inform people about this diease and keep their counrty more clean. Hong Kong use to be a great place to go, but since China took over it brought all these funky dieases. Its not cool, dude! I’ve been to their public bathroom and it is sick!!!

  2. Paula, I don’t the spread of a diease have anything to do with politics. So the outbreak of SARS in Hongkong is not attributed to China’s took over.

    For the clearner China idea, I am with you. I have to say the situation has changed so much and the trends for a better and cleaner China is obvious. The only reason is the starting point of the country is too low – after so many years of war from 1937 to 1949.

  3. >> Paula, I don’t the spread of a diease have anything to do with politics. So the outbreak of SARS in Hongkong is not attributed to China’s took over. <<

    Sorry Jian Shuo Wang, but it unfortunately has everything to do with the lack of political transparency and accountability.

    The Guangdong provincial government, just like its Hong Kong counterpart, initially surpressed the scale of the outbreak hoping that the problem would soon blow over. That delay in informing the public, has turned what would have been a fairly easily contained outbreak into a virtual global pandemic.

    Sticking ones head in the sand might be a good idea when dealing with provincial politics, but it is not a good idea when trying to contain a potentially fatal communicable disease !

  4. Hi, just another comment. I live in shanghai and here are also infected people now. But they are also hiding it. My company will now close down here, because of the poor information. I think a lot of companies will do that. It is better with bad information, than none! At least for people who aren’t chinese. Everyone finds out anyway, and then it is even more damage done. And it is also too late!!!

  5. Hi! I’m working on an assignment for my class. One of the questions posed was:

    Who was the first person to contact SARS and when did that perosn die. Also, what is the latest count on SARS deaths. Thank you for your quick response.

  6. Obviously nobody in the world can answer the question “who is the first person infected SARS”. However, Ms. Ether Mok is believed to be one of the 3 people who started the chain in Singapore which includes 91 people.

    For lastest count on SARS death, visit WHO’s web site at

    Check “Cumulative Number of Reported Cases,” (at the second item). Up to April 7, 2601 infected, 98 died.

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