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Currently, I found my computer is infected by the annoying toolbar. This is very annoying.

The symptoms

One day, I suddenly found whever I type a wrong URL, or when the server I want to visit does not respond, the URL is first changed to a strange format, something like

http:///?, where /?%20 is inserted unexpectedly.

Meanwhile, the page of is loaded. Sometimes another pop up window with Ad also appears.

This is really annoying!

What is

Thanks for PC Hell to give clear explaination of as below:

What is Xupiter?

Xupiter Toolbar browser plug-in tools that gets installed on your computer through a popup ad or driveby installation that installs many times without your permission. It can also be loaded as an Active X control in Internet Explorer.

Once installed on your computer, Xupiter proceeds to display pop-up and pop-under ads as you surf the net. It also adds the Xupiter Toolbar to your browser, adds links to your favorites, and changes your home page. Xupiter then proceeds to track your browsing habits and report back to a server.

It also listed the way to tell you if you have Xupiter on your computer.

Follow these instructions:

1) Click on Start, Run

2) Type MSCONFIG and press Enter

3) Click on the STARTUP tab

4) Look in the list for the following item

Xupiter Toolbar

5) If this item is in the list. You have Xupiter installed. Uncheck it to temporarily disable the toolbar.

Update: Now the Toolbar has been upgraded. In step 4, you may also see



It will run C:\Program Files\Xupiter\upiterStartup2003.exe

If you find these, you have Xupiter installed.

Remove it

It does not work if you delete all files under C:\Program Files\Xupiter folder. On one hand, you cannot delete them directly since some of the files are in use, such as XTCfgLoader and XTUpdate.dll. On the other hand, deleting DLLs and Exe rudely are always dangerous and may lead to instable system.

The best way to is to turn it off by uncheck the check box before the two files in MSCONFIG and restart the computer. Xupiter is not removed but it is not annoying any more. If you want to manually remove it in a graceful way, check‘s page for more information.

P.S. Dang An ID 9904154 @ 021-62403626

10 thoughts on “Remove Toolbar

  1. Thanks for the help…but it didnĀ“t work…

    thos fucking shit is still annoying me–

  2. Sorry to know that, KLINT. Actually, I didn’t pay too much attention on this annoying toolbar than on NET SEND SPAM. I hope if you found any methed to remove it, please share it with us. Thanks.

  3. I swear I wish popups were in hell, I hate having things added to my computer when I already have it set up the way I want it. If I want something new I ‘ll get it, dont have some mystery pc demon do it for me. Thanks for letting me vent. I am still trying to get this shit off my computer

  4. Yeah. Xupiter is screwing up my comp, and my parents blame it on ROMS. These god damn ads are bullshit and they freeze my comp up and when I start up it says Explorer did an illegal operation and all that bullshit. And I take the blame because I’m into emulation. And some DownloadPlus thing infects my computer, so what the hell?

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