Anyone Still Read Blog?

I am just curious: is there anyone reading this blog at this time? Obviously blog is the “old” way of communication. If you are still here, would you please raise your hand so I can see you? (Well, leaving a comment seems better way for me to see you).


58 thoughts on “Anyone Still Read Blog?

  1. Tam

    I do. Maybe I’m too old (37), but I don’t see how twitter and other casual social media can replace the blog format. Blog entries are like diary entries or short essays — places with room for thought and reflection. These formats are timeless and not coupled to a particular technology. I fully understand when people say they don’t have time for creating such things (and I was amazed and inspired about your persistence), but just saying that they are “old” seems a bit like an excuse to me … And a second thought that occurs to me is about the readership. I keep a personal diary very similar to a blog. I’d be very uncomfortable sharing it with the world, even though some entries might be of interest to others. So my readership consists of one person, and that’s enough for me to keep on writing. It helps me reflect on my life. So I guess my question to you would be, for whom are you writing your blog?

  2. Vadim

    Yes, still read it. Also, I agree with Tam, although everything evolves and so do methods of communication I also cannot see Twitter/Facebook/G+, etc replacing longform platforms. Not yet.

  3. XQG

    Yes – via GReader before (now The Old Reader). BTW, the RSS feeder of your blog seems dead now…

  4. Donny

    BTW, do you think you can make it as a RSS feed like olden days? so that we can follow more closely :)

  5. k

    Can’t you just check the no. of pings like everyone else? i have fat fingers and don like to raise my hands

  6. Kasey

    Yes, once in a while.
    Moved away sometime ago, so I really appreciate the chance to see how things are going back there. Thanks for keeping it going.

  7. huiying

    I’v just read the article about Baidu’s aquisition of 91 wireless, very good analysis and I ‘v learned from it. I just did not think about to reply it, but I feel it is necessary to say something here:)

  8. yangjiayuan


  9. Nagu

    I do refer to your blog whenever i need some info about china as a first source.
    Just now i’m starting to like Xiaomi and want to findout about their global operations, i came here…

  10. Wen

    Yes!!! I enjoyed reading blogs, from food to travel to tech to life. I enriched myself, at least that’s what I feel.

  11. Patricia

    Hi, Jianshuo! I haven’t visited your blog for a few years, I think. But here I am again! *:)

  12. taogogo

    day and night,i read blog everywhere.
    blog is more important than any other media for me,because i can learn knowledge or experience from it

  13. 小英

    I am very happy to find your blogs because they are interesting. I like reading them, and i will ask my kids to read them, too. Thank you for your beautiful writing.

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