I am Back

It has been uneasy three years for me. The blog was affected by the unstable mood of myself, and was a honest, and solid reflection of who I am – good times, and more importantly, the bad times.

I am back to blog again. This is different from the previous back. It has been quite some time since I last blogged – that is exactly 4 months ago. It was quite dramatic in the last four months, and I experienced things. This time, it was a calm back, and I don’t think I can easily defeated, or went down. The confidence was rebuilt, and I am sure this new version of myself is better, more confident, and more lovely.

Blogging is dead, at least in statistic or media revolution terms. But life is not. Thoughts are not. I will shift with the new technology trends, and adapt that, and move on.

Thanks for everyone who has supported me, and trusted me. People see things. People experience things, and we grow.


3 thoughts on “I am Back

  1. Welcome back! You have been missed. Whatever you are going through, we have all experienced in our own ways. You are still welcomed back.

  2. 无缘为你工作,至少可以持续关注。baixing始终有一种言语无法表达的亲近感吸引我,第一次遇见我就知道以后一定有缘分。数次擦肩可见机缘未至。有时间一起喝杯茶,谈谈公益,谈谈梦。

  3. People see things. People experience things.People believing in things.Welcome back.

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