Aircraft Spotting at Hongqiao Airport

I am not a professional aircraft spotter, but I am also amazed by the scene of an aircraft roars and lands at airports.

The best place to do it I know is at G318 (at K16+). It is easy to find if you follow the 沪青平 highway and you will be guided by the big noise of the aircrafts.

There are lines of this, and flushing one after another, creating a guiding line toward the runway.

Below are some of the photos I took today. Enjoy the big flying machine!


6 thoughts on “Aircraft Spotting at Hongqiao Airport

  1. Hey There Jian Shuo Wang,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, i am going to schiphol international airport to do some aircraft spotting next month and i need some advice as to where the best place is to spot is. I could do with specific places that are easy to find because ive not been to that airport before any help ould be appreciated?

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