Yifan’s Hair Cut

Yifan grows up, and he is not afraid of hair cut. He is cooperative tonight when I brought him for haircut. He acted as grown-ups. Look at the photos:

It is just one week away from Yifan’s 5 year birthday. His mom said, I lost another job – to hold Yifan to have him haircut. I said: we are going to lose more and more functions that Yifan really needs you in the days to come.

1 thought on “Yifan’s Hair Cut

  1. The first time I had my hair done outside the house was when I was 16, the day of my junior prom. Until then, my mother cut all of our hair — mine, my brother’s, my dad’s, even her own, miraculously — in our bathroom. My American friends couldn’t believe it.

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