Baixing Office Pictures in May 2012

At weekend, I am staying in the office of and took some photos of the empty workspace. After moving to this building (Haoran High-Tech Building on the campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University) for 5 years and move to the 2nd floor for half years, the office is finally fully opened. We occupied the first half and expanded to the second half recently.  People often ask me what the office look like. Now, let me give you a tour.

This is the new logo wall:

The hall way with few meetings rooms.

Looking from north to south, the main office area.

The drawing of the wall – it is the work of one night.

The photo of the whole company in Vietnam, an putting in the winter of the last year.

The free drinks, wines, and beers. I don’t really understand the tradition that people don’t drink beer or wine during working time. Why not?

iMac! There are plenty of them in the office.

Another one, and the big earphone! We hope the find the right balance between communication (open space, and sitting near each other), and privacy (the right to be quiet and not interrupted often).

The sofa near the window.

A corner in the office.

Again, the other angel, from deep inside the office and looking to the door.

What to have a tour yourself, feel free to let me know, and let’s have coffee together!

P.S. This is the first post after I completely migrated the blog to WordPress system.

16 thoughts on “Baixing Office Pictures in May 2012

  1. :-) It is actually an inspiration from both Facebook and Google – the Silicon Valley style. People in the bay area really would love more communication v.s. privacy.

  2. hi jianshuo:
    I am really interested in your chairs showed on the picture above.looks very nice and comfortable .which brand of it is? if the price wouldn’t scare me,i definitely want buy one. could you tell me the details.thanks a lot

  3. 关注建硕的博客已经几年了,晚上看你微博的时候看到公司办公室照片,非常喜欢,大家都在一个环境下,没有隔阂。话说前几年我还是学生的时候还在百姓网出售过手机呵呵。。。当年我都没有入互联网这个行业,建硕看起开很亲近!晚上用移动设备看的中文回复不好意思哈

  4. From 18th building moved to 2nd floor, space looks become bigger than before.The graffiti on the wall is very beautiful! A few years ago.i’m a Part-time employees in your company! I am impressed for the good working atmosphere and nice person.And you give me this opportunity to enter into the Internet industry,thanks a lot for your help!

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