Yifan Loves Taking Photos

When Yifang got a chance to take photos with iPhone, he will carefully point to any object that got his attention and take photos of it. Everyday, he generate a lot of “garbage pictures” on my iPhone.

However, I decided not to delete them. I am going to keep them forever, at least to safely transfer the photos to Yifan when he grows up, and he can make the decisions later. I created a folder called “Yifan’s World” in my laptop, and drag all the pictures he took there. Here are some samples of what he took.


  1. He has good sense of color and composition, encourage him!!

  2. Excellent sense of composition for a soon-to-be-5 year old!

  3. haha … it reminds me of YiYi by Edward Yang :)

  4. Thanks! I would also comment that the usability of iPhone is really good that a small kid can use it without any instruction.

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