The Top of Paul Graham’s List

A short quote from Paul Graham’s to do list in this article The Top of My Todo List:

Don’t ignore your dreams; don’t work too much; say what you think; cultivate friendships; be happy.

Paul continued to be the most amazing writers that I read – he have some genuine thoughts, and guide him and many of his startups. I would highly recommend you to read his blog.

The Awkwardness of Meeting Someone in Person

In one book, Alan De Botton mentioned that reading is better than talking because it allows pause, and deep thoughts, and more well structured thoughts. You cannot fall into deep thoughts when you are at the conversation with your favorite author. Just as echoed in this article: Writing and Speaking, talking is not the best way for intelligent and thoughtful people to exchange ideas. I can imagine I have not too many things to talk about if I meet with Alan de Botton, or Paul Graham one day.

I had a conversation with Yu Ying, the famous doctor in Beijing who write micro-blog – a weibo with 800,000 followers. Her Weibo is interesting, and her talk on TnDao was great. But to when to bar with and chat, it is hard to calm down and really talk. That is the awkwardness to meet someone in person.

World Financial Center

The most interesting in Shanghai is maybe the 52th floor of the World Financial Center in Pudong. I visited the tower today because I had too meetings in the same building. People need to transfer to another elevator at the 52 and 53th floor. If you are someone who likes to climb to tall buildings, you can get to the 52th floor lobby without having to making any appointment with people working there. Below is the photo of the lobby.


Over the window, you can see the new Shanghai Tower is in good shape already.


6 thoughts on “The Top of Paul Graham’s List

  1. Hi JianShuo, nice to see you blogging in English again. I enjoy your thoughts and your descriptions of life in China.

  2. I met you in New York a few months ago and that’s how I felt! Excited but awkward… I’m glad you’re writing in English again too!

  3. i follow the dreams, do not ignore it, if I dream some thing three times and more, I have to organize some action about it.

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