Jian Shuo, Yifeng, and Keso in Same Photo

Finally, one of the three very similar Chinese IT bloggers got into the same photo, for the first time. It is also my first time to meet Yifeng in person.


  1. Yifeng Ruan?

    Wow 这个跟他博客上面的照片怎么不太像

  2. 是啊,没想到一峰这么瘦。

  3. 博主,你们的广告做得怪有意思的,比58之前那个扯着嗓子喊得好多啦。不过网页设计的到没广告那么简洁了。不过我是门外汉,就是说说自己的感受。还有就是见到阮一峰庐山真面目啦。

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