YLF in Xi’an

I cannot believe it that it is the tenth anniversary of YLF (Young Leader’s Forum). It is the biggest personal commitment I made during the last five years to take three days out of the 365 days I have (about 1%), and it is also the best rewarding time I got. It is so amazing to spend time with the really talented people from both China and US, and from many sectors (business, architect, lawyer, dancer, education, journalism, military, space program, government officials, artist, publishers – you name it). Although I do hope I can be with the company in my daily work so much (exciting things going on there), I always told me that this is the best long term investment in myself, and even in the family, and the company around me. It is basically about making personal connections and make myself a better person.

YLF this Year

Many old friend came – many of them are 2002 fellow. We started with nice discussion, from which I noted two interesting expression:

Uncomfortable Dependance. It is to describe the relationship between the current US and China. It is one of the hardest, and the most important relationships in current world, and we are here to contribute a little bit to this world.

Strategic Ambiguity – a phrase to describe the current US policy on Taiwan issues.

When everyone is looking back and see how big the impact of this highly influential group impacted their lives, I am also thinking about the topic, and about what is the topic of the presentation i am going to talk about this Saturday.


I missed the most of the part when Mrs. Zhang described the Xi’an Wall protection, but we finally end up riding the whole circle of 13 km atop of the city wall. It was completely recovered. Isn’t interesting to see the circle of building the wall, tearing it down and re-build it again. Maybe after few decades, people have no idea about how stupid we were at the mid of the last century. The wall is just beautiful.

It is the city I took a train alone when I was 13 years old alone, and transit via bus to Tongchuan. That was a wonderful journey. I directly walk from the train station to the bus station. Now, the section of the city wall was rebuilt, and there is no more walking – that is the reason I have a vivid picture of the city without a wall was like.

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