Upgraded to iOS 5 on iPhone 4

With a night of download and a hour of installation, my iPhone 4 now runs iOS 5, the newest mobile operating system. The most exciting feature of iOS 5 is iCloud, and I am testing it right now.

First iCloud Experience

So far, the iCloud Experience was good – the photo stream feature basically delivered what it promised, but it is not as fast as I expected it to be. The photo will appear on my computer about two minutes after it is taken – not immediately. Should Apple strive to make it happen? That will be more intuitive (a typical demanding user).

Camera with a click

To make the Volume up button a photo-taking button is not rocket-science, but it worked. Interesting design.

What’s New?

Besides these obvious changes, the excitement of a new OS quickly fade out. iOS 5 didn’t add any significant feature other than the small improvement, and my night’s effort quickly looks not as exciting as it seemed to be. That is how interesting people’s expectation almost always higher than the actual – expectation for any new gadget or house, or whatever.

3 thoughts on “Upgraded to iOS 5 on iPhone 4

  1. Is that an invitation for a test message? :-)

    I’m holding off until 5.0.1 comes out. My conscience says that whenever there are so-called “big, fat, juicy” updates, it’s time to wait for more stability (aka “harmonious operations”). :-) I’m still on Mac OS X 10.5.8 FWIW. I’ll go up to 10.7 when I think it’s the time…

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