From Downtown to Midtown

I am using the small screen iPhone to write this blog. Sorry for being brief.

New York stimulate my desire to make more drawings. I did and I will share when I can upload a picture. Check my Flickr account to see it now.

The New York did lost a lot when the twin towers of WTC are gone. I share the pain of New Yorkers. Buildings are missed, not to mention the humans.

Had wonderful dinner with friends in the financial industry. For the first time understood that there are so many people so close to Wall Street cannot trade public stock because of SEC regulations. They knew too much to trade, for themselves.

The Statue of Liberty cruise is a big trap. We stuck there for two hours before our meetings. Just took forever to get off and on the ferry. Why I had the stupid idea to go to where tourists go?

I am thinking about a Wabgjianshuo’s blog meetup this Saturdsay. Stay tune on this blog.

Used the iPhone application Uber to call a taxi today. Very good experience. Just tab on the screen and a taxi comes within 10 minutes. Pretty handy at rush hours.

New York is much more concentrated than Shanghai (forget about Beijing) and that is a big advantage. People are basically within walking or short subway ride from each other. I am surprised how many people actually live in Manhattan.

Good night, big apple!

2 thoughts on “From Downtown to Midtown

  1. suggest to take the half-loop cruise tour. can see the most of Manhattan and the three bridges. there is no need to land on the island to look at the liberty.

    also the open roof bus tour is also very good. You will know much much more with the guide’s explanation.

  2. it reminds me of my trip to NY several years ago.

    Live in a small Hostel owned by an Shanghai immigrate. only 3 blocks away from time square.

    View New York by bus, on foot, by Metro, from the cruise, all give me very unique experience.

    Only pity is the carrier museum is not there at that time.

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