I Bought Myself a MacBook Air

I passed by Apple Store in downtown Palo Alto, and bought myself a MackBook Air 13” 256G notebook. I have been a fun of iPhone, and want to continue my explore to other Mac product. I wanted to buy iPad 2 initially, but at second thought, I may use a laptop more frequently iPad – a physical keyboard is the key to me.

Sense of Relief

I am currently a proud Apple user. How strange it is if you put this into perspective – I have been working in Microsoft for 7 years. It is not politically right to use Apple product, or Linux product. Now I am a big fan of PHP, Linux, cheap scalable servers, and enjoys Apple. Of cause, for search, Google.

That is an interesting topic about how much a person should bear the identity of his/her company. Not working for Microsoft actually gives me freedom to try different things, and holds, well, hopefully, more balanced view.

For a person who work for a company, but enjoy using its competitors’ product, shall I admire his/her openness, and wisdom, or shall I blame him for less of ownership, or don’t have passion needed to improve a product?

Which is the right way to go? I find it hard to answer.

Humanity is Optimist-ism

It is human’s basic need to feel part of something, to belong to something bigger than him/herself. That is maybe the source why so many people like the product, and uses the product of his/her own company only. That is very nature. I would assume that the “narrowness” of people who stay in one environment, and the “fake sense of confidence” (things like both side of a football match believes “We will definitely win”) are very key to humanity. People always over-estimate him/herself’s ability, and over estimate how likely to win for his/her own team/company/country, or others, you name it.

For example, if you ask people about how good looking they are, and rate it from 1 to 10, with 5 as average. I believe the surveyed average should be above 5, which won’t be true. Over-optimistic!

Ask people about how much chance they may break a leg? The ratio should be lower than actual.

Ask people how well they can do math? The same thing, the surveyed average should be higher than average. Over-optimistic!

I am happy that I am not over-optimistic to Microsoft product today, but I don’t feel about not-being-so 6 years ago.

MacBook Air

Well. I will keep the box unopen, and try it out later tomorrow night.

6 thoughts on “I Bought Myself a MacBook Air

  1. Jianshuo, bad decision in my opinion. Apple is going to release VERY SOON an updated version of those guys :


    … Thunderbolt port, Mac OSX Lion final version pre-installed, well, all of that is nice but not mandatory. However : they will probably ship with new processors, and honestly, if the prices are good, then it might have been worth waiting and get the Intel Core i7 version instead of the Core2Duo, don’t you think so ?

    I own the exact same Macbook Air you have (13″), and I am very happy about it. I’m thinking about selling it though, and buy the new version as soon as they come out in July (except I’ll take the 11″, I travel a lot and will take advantage of the lighter weight and smaller size).

    Now, I thought I could be using my iPad 2 when travelling : I simply cannot get myself to WORK with it, even if I bought the proper case which has a “real” keyboard … I just cannot be as efficient with my iPad 2 compared to my Macbook Air. But that’s very personal.


  2. Another person recommending you wait another week or two, and take it back. The Air’s are due for a refresh VERY soon, and with Thunderbolt you will truly have a desktop replacement with serious high speed ports.

    I am sure you will love it, just if you can wait a week or two.

  3. Politically incorrect to use a Mac…?

    We consider it liberation when you flip on over to the Mac OS.

    It is just SO liberating and SO right.

    (I have been using Macs for 20 years…) ;-)

  4. I guess it depends on the country : over here in Switzerland, Apple’s policy is actually 10 days … So Jianshuo, if you can wait a few weeks … Bring the thing back to the Apple Store ! ;-)



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