I am Going to Sillicon Valley

I am checking my Checklist for US Trip I prepared a long time ago. Interestingly, I found around July 1 is the most frequently traveled date I have for US trip. This time, since I booked later than I should, UA858, the flight I don’t enjoy too much, was fully booked. So I am trying a new airline – America Airlines. The departure time is as late as 21:45 so I deferred to packing till now, which is 5:00 PM already.

So, my friends in the bay area, shoot me an email at jianshuo at hotmail dot com if you want to meet up. My schedule is pretty packed, but I am always willing to spend time with passionate people in the bay area, even at the cost of my sleep time.


  1. In my opinion one of the worst airlines around, so I’m looking forward to reading your comments on that Jianshuo !



  2. It is not bad based on my limited experience. The flight didn’t get delayed and it provide on-flight entertainment system for everyone, and the time is also good. Their service is not excellent, but OK.

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