Yifan is 4 Years Old

Haha! Yifan is 4 years today! The family celebrated the birthday for the young man.

Happy Birthday, Yifan!


In the last four years, Yifan brought so much joy to the family. I just realized that it is the children that the parents owe a lot, not the other way around. Thanks for being the source of happy (and angry, and trouble some time) for us.

Yifan got a small strawberry birthday cake, four balloons (which he loves a lot), and a lot of food he likes. He also got red bag from grandparents. When he saw the 100 RMB note from the envelop, he was very happy and screamed:

Look at the change I got!

10 thoughts on “Yifan is 4 Years Old

  1. Paul

    Time goes so quick. Cherish them when they are young. It is a special moment indeed and it goes so fast…

  2. Prosenjit

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  3. Supernova

    You are a good father to have realized that “it is the children that the parents owe a lot, not the other way around. ” I feel the same way. (My daughter will be 4 as well this summer.) Happy Birthday!

  4. Carroll

    Oh dear goodness! How did I miss this?? Happy belated birthday, Yifan. Many snuggles and hugs to you from California :-)

  5. kathryn

    Happy Birthday to your adorable boy! You are blessed.

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