Met with Adam D’Angelo and Charlie

Met with Adam D’Angelo, and Charlie – the two great people who founded Facebook many years ago. They are not founders of Quora, the Q&A site that I use frequently recently. (Need invitation? I can help).

SFO.trip 091


  1. i need an invitation,3ks

  2. would you give me an invitation? thanks

  3. They are not founders of Quora? It’s not a typo?

  4. “They are not founders of Quora”

    They are now founders of Quora

  5. I need an invitation thank you

  6. I need an invitation, thank you very much.

  7. Could you offer me an invitation? Thanks a lot.

  8. I need an invitation, thank you very much.

  9. Hi Jian Shuo, any hurdle is set up for the invitation?

  10. Could you send an invitation? Thank you.

  11. Could you send me an invitation? Thank you in advance.

  12. 王大哥,我需要Quora的邀请码?Thanks a bunch!

  13. Would you plz send me the invitation code? Thanks a bunch!

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