It is obviously a new era.

I was happy to register jianshuo @ hotmail.com email address about 14 years ago, when hotmail.com was just launched one year before. That was the starting point of Internet, and email communication.

Then I got jianshuo @ gmail.com, the main email address I am using today (I still keep telling people the old jianshuo @ hotmail.com email address, and let the mail forwarded to the gmail one).

This morning, I got a new email address jianshuo @ facebook.com – the Modern Messaging System of Facebook. I have to say, Facebook has a good product design that we can learn a lot from – the way they helped people to get started with the new messaging system. Feel free to send some test mail to my new email address, and see how it goes.

My Observation

At first glance, and few try, I have to say, it is a wonderful product. I was amazed by the following improvement:

1. How it shows the sender – no longer email addresses, or simple profile – it is a complicated profile of a real person.

2. How it replies. It makes replying an email as quick and simple as replying a chat message – just one single line that you can send message back to the person with some typing and just a “return” key. How far it is from “stop writing, change to mouse, move over send button, and click”, to “enter”? It is farther than people think.

Good job again, Facebook team!

6 thoughts on “jianshuo@facebook.com

  1. hello, Nice to meet you,i found your information this morning. i like your blog, could you please tell me how to log in facebook now in china? thank you

  2. Thank you for above information, that’s very useful, but I dont have an account with web hosting provider that supports SSH, it’s ok, I will wait till facebook is allowed to use in China.

  3. with gmail, it’s “r”, type your stuff, and ctrl-enter. i hate the idea that a message is just 1 line.

    just like twitter, the whole internet thing is reducing people’s focus span. we used to read books, then web pages, then blogs, than tweets, now it’s just 1 line.

    i might just be an old dog that can’t learn new tricks. however, if you reduce your blog to 1 line or reduce the comment box to a 1 liner, i’ll stop reading it.

  4. Happy new year to you and your family.That’s very nice of you. Although i still don’t know how to log in facebook,but i will try again.

    Thank you for respond, Jian shuo, i worked at shanghai before.

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