Unicom iPhone Cuts My Friend Connections

A very high portion of my friends cannot be connected via the number stored in my mobile phone. They changed their mobile phone number, just to use the Unicom iPhone. They consistently share their new mobile phone with 186 at the beginning of the numbers with me. For more, I simply got "The number you dialed has been out of service" message when I try to reach people.

Will it be significant that a new communication tool, or even just a new client device like iPhone dramatically shift the social interaction? Think about fax number. The impact of the iPhone 4 wave for me in China is, it cuts my friend connections effectively.

3 thoughts on “Unicom iPhone Cuts My Friend Connections

  1. I think China Mobile will lose more and more customers due to their shoddy 3g network. Only problem is that Local Number Portability is not available yet!!! So you run into these problems…..

    I am using China Mobile now and their data network is truly LACKING. All the phones I want to buy only use the Unicom 3g network… I’ll have to switch numbers eventually, unless they come out with some sort of LNP… The sad thing is that the shift of subscribers will be from CM -> CU and not the other way around….so CU will need to come out with this incentive……

  2. if China Unicom introduces LNP, they will be the big winner. I believe more China Mobile will switch over because for the iPhone package.

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