10 Years Later

So many things dramatically changes over 10 years, but it happens so gradually that we didn’t pay any attention to it when it happens. Here are some examples.

  • The IT support in my office was gray haired. When I just started my career, IT support is a profession of young people. Now, when the outsourced IT person appeared in my office, I realized that he is also in his 30-40s. That changed.
  • Credit card processing is so quick. Now, I don’t bother to use cash since most of the time, the credit card processing is as quick as the same time as swiping card – it is supposed to work that way, but when I just started to use credit card, it easily takes few minutes, waiting for the printing machine to start printing. Sometimes, I have to make some phone calls to the bank and let the bank call center person to teach the cashier how to swipe the card.
  • The business meal in the Xujiahui area gradually raised to a level higher than Hong Kong, and most places in U.S. The set dish has reached to 58 RMB (8-9 USD) or higher. The 10 RMB box meal completely disappeared from this area.
  • The CPI has raised to a level that people in Shenzhen started to buy home supplies in Hong Kong, and more people discuss about pork price these days than 10 years ago.

10 Years. Many things changed.

7 thoughts on “10 Years Later

  1. “The business meal in the Xujiahui area gradually raised to a level higher than Hong Kong”

    That’s what I noticed, a HK Dollar a bit LESS than RMB, HK food was not expensive compared to its cost of living. Or rather Beijing and Shanghai are not that cheap anymore. They raised to the level of Hong Kong.

    In next articles, it’d be interesting how you address these rapid growth rate and inflation.

  2. 10 years later, people like you also wonder what else should they buy after iPod, iPad and MacBook Air… So don’t complain about “high” lunch prices like 60 RMB as if you couldnt afford it…

    The surprising thing is there are so many rich people in China now (in absolute numbers).

    What is even more surprising, however, is that these people have totally forgotten or seem ignorant of the fact that relatively they are an utter minority and the majority can neither pay for the rents, the lunch prices nor the gadgets they take for granted…

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