Busy Days for Blogging

I skipped blogging in the last few days, rare in the 8 years of history. Here are some outlines of what I did.

  • Went to Hangzhou via the highspeed train for a  day – 45 minutes, and the experience was great – better than Maglev.
  • Welcome to the new hires on Baixing. There are many recruiting events going on and I continue to feel honored to work with the talented young guy got on board.
  • Played tennis and basketball at nights and Sundays. It is good to get back to sports.
  • Yifan is doing well. Wendy went to school during the weekends in the last few weeks, so I took the role to take care of Yifan – we hung out in KFC for three hours this morning.
  • Watched movie "The Social Network" – first on pplive.com, and then downloaded from verycd.com. Good movie, although it is said to be far from reality.
  • Conducted some interviews and the article to be published was pushed back to the next week because of the Asia Games opening the last Friday.
  • I enjoyed the ceremony of Guangzhou Asia Games – good one without being too exaggerate on money spending.

Anything else I left?

I will be back to blogging gradually.

2 thoughts on “Busy Days for Blogging

  1. Understand there is a hotel on site at PVG that does hourly booking but

    can not find their website nor their email.

    Can you help?



  2. I went to Nanjing via the highspeed train last saturday. It ran superbly fast, only taking about 70 minutes to reach the destination. Its disadvantge, as I have seen, lies in the fact that the fare is much more expensive, three times higher than that of the ordinary speed train. As there were vacant seats in every departure(an unknown conductor working at the train told it to me), I suggest that railway authorities could consider cutting the fare down.

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