Last Chance to Visit Expo

If you haven’t visited expo yet, you only have five days left before the event concludes on October 31. The good news is, there are relatively much fewer people visiting expo in the last few days since Monday, when the ticket price raised by 40 RMB to prevent final rush.

Wendy went there today and reported back via SMS that they didn’t need to line up for many pavilion (really hot pavilions like China pavilion excluded). That is consistent with the official number of visitor today: 390K (comparing with 1 million in peak time). The expo also successfully reached the goal of 70 million the other day (too accurately executed to believe).

So, in Shanghai, not visited expo yet and don’t mind the extra 40 RMB? it is time to go.

5 thoughts on “Last Chance to Visit Expo

  1. I encourage all to visit the Expo, to see good exhibition buildings and concepts and see all the very enthusiastic visitors. As an American, it opened my eyes re Chinese tourism by Chinese.

    Great concept and excellent execution.

  2. Yes, the Expo is pretty cool and worth seeing if you have the chance. I went in the summer, when it was 35 degrees or more, and there’s 500k people per day. I wish I could go now.

    I can’t imagine what is was like with 1m people. It was pretty jammed with 500k people, and we ended up going to a lot of second-tier pavilions to avoid the lines at places like Germany, USA, and Cisco and GM.

  3. i visited expo in june was raining every day and hot and humid. The biggest attraction is seeing 500,000 chinese country bumpkins trample over each other. these people are dirty, rude, ugly, and spitting everywhere! very disgusting. my friend tells me the government give out free tickets to entire villages. The rest of Shanghai is exciting, parties, booze and boobs, very cool

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